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  1. They got back from their cruise Sunday and said they loved it and would love to go back. They said that the scenery was amazing, even better than they had imagined, and luckily they hit good weather apart from in Bergen where it rained all day and they headed back to the ship early. The Flaam railway was the highlight of their cruise, the views were amazing, and couldn't stress how it was a must for anyone visiting.
  2. Wow the Flor & Fjaere looks amazing, shall have to mention this and see what they think. Thanks for the suggestions so far guys, i'm making a list and shall be passing all the suggestions on. For those who asked which ports they are visiting they are as follows: Bergen, Aalesund, Flaam, Stavanger
  3. Thanks CC I shall definitely pass on these suggestions, the Bergen Funicular railway sounds like something they would enjoy.
  4. This decision may now sway more parents or grandparents who had previously put off booking with Fred (due to the lack of a kids club) to actually consider booking a cruise with them. Cruise lines do need to move forward and this is a great way for Fred Olsen to move forward but still offer the traditonal Fred Olsen style of cruising.
  5. My partner’s parents are off on this cruise at the end of July and this will be their first time in the Fjords. They already have an excursion booked on the Flam Railway but aren’t sure what to do in the other ports. Do any avid cruisers who have sailed to the Fjords have any advice to offer? They are both active so don’t mind a lot walking.
  6. Has anyone else seen the new video MSC Cruises have released on MSC Meraviglia? I like the idea of the indoor promenade that is covered with a giant 480m2 LED screen that transmits vistas, sunrises, sunsets and more. Link to the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLuwbY8O_Cw
  7. Looking forward to reading your daughters blog review on Harmony of the Seas Popsicle.
  8. Royal Caribbean are selling one of their oldest ships, Legend of the Seas, to Thomson Cruises. Legend of the Seas will transfer to Thomson Cruises in spring 2017 and will be renamed as Tui Discovery 2. Thomson have previously acquired Splendour of the Seas which will enter service this summer follwing her refurbishment. Is it a case of out with the old and in with the new perhaps for Royal Caribbean?
  9. Thanks for the review Jillyfish. I have heard that the drinks are expensive on board, with many people suggesting to go for a drinks package. Was this your first cruise with Royal Caribbean and would you cruise with them again?
  10. Looking forward to the review, we don't get many reviews for MSC on the forum so will be great to see what your thoughts are. Here's a recent post on MSC's wifi that you may find useful http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/forum/topic/4039-msc-wifi/
  11. I haven't cruised with Fred Olsen myself, but from the comments I've heard from people who have, they've said the ships are tired but they still gad a great time on board. I haven't heard any rumours about Fred Olsen getting any new ships but if they were ever to expand, I agree with Waves and that FO should stick to the smaller ships.
  12. Interesting question starboard. I do think that sea-sickness is something that people genuinely do suffer with but I also think that worrying about it (which is understandable if you've had a rather bad case of seasickness) can often make it worse as you're constantly thinking about it. It's not something that I have ever suffered with, so don't have any personal remedies to share but happy to hear what others have to offer as my sister's other half suffers with seasickness pretty badly.
  13. Great review Popsicle! Would love to hear what your daughter think of the ship, will be great to see what kids think to the cruise ship. I'd happily give this ship a try but like a few have already pointed in another forum thread a few days would be enough for me.
  14. Thanks for this willbard - hope you had a great time on board Celebrity!
  15. Royal Caribbean have announced that they are going to build a fifth Oasis Class ship in Spring 2021, and that the construction for their fourth oasis class ship is scheduled for delivery in 2018. At 227,000 gross tons Harmony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world but these upcoming ships from Royal Caribbean will be even bigger, if only by inches.
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