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  1. Not yet but we do keep coming back to the idea of booking a cruise & stay. There are so many options out there that it's hard to choose just one cruise & stay that we'd like to do first!
  2. I wonder when the chosen name will be announced? I haven't really seen or heard anything about this new ship since the original annoucement and the chance to give the ship a name.
  3. Great review from your friend Popsicle. It's great to hear that after years of trying to getting them to give cruising a try they really enjoyed it.
  4. Cunard announced last week that the fleet will be welcoming a new ship into the fleet come 2022, though there is yet to be mention of what this new ship will be named. Do you have any name suggestions for this new ship? They may follow in the footsteps of P&O and offer the public the chance to give their suggestions perhaps, until then what are your suggestions? I’ve seen elsewhere people suggest Queen Charlotte, Queen Anne...
  5. It's such a shame these beautiful places have been hit with so much destruction but I'm sure these ports will be up and running as soon as possible, as they need the tourists to help bring the money into their community. I do hope that you get the answers soon for your cruise though, and I'm sure your kids will have a fantastic time whether that be on the ship for an extra couple days or if on land if they do swap the ports.
  6. It does seem a shame that so many parents can't afford to take their kids out of school for holiday as they are in fear of being fined but waiting until the school holidays means they also miss out on the chance as the prices are just too expensive. If a child's attendance is great, I personally don't feel they should be penalised, as like you say cruise chef so many go under the radar with poor attendance and nothing seems to be done (or least that's how it appears to many), of course this is just my opinion.
  7. If you could change one cruise ship rule/policy, what would it be? I've seen a few reviews recently complaining about smoking areas on board, some people want to remove these areas altogether and others were saying how unfair the smoking area rule is... So, would this be something you would get rid of or would you remove the smoking ban? Or would you stop something like the mandatory muster drill attendance? Perhaps scrap dining sitting times? Or would you like to see your own alcohol allowed on board? What would you change? Personally, I’d like to see the back of speciality restaura
  8. I've heard a few similar comments where people have said it wasn't worth a watch so don't think I'll be catching up with this.
  9. I've found that hovering under the icon that states how long ago the post was posted allows me to get to the lastest post - hope this helps for now Captain Kidd.
  10. As per Furby's comments above admin are aware of the issue and are working to get this fixed, all was explained in this post https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/forum/topic/5171-i-am-the-pesky-pirate/?page=2#comment-55317
  11. Good question Sammy Sun. There are no specifics on the P&O website as to what Oceana's refit will entail, I'm guessing more information will be released nearer the time.
  12. Great to hear that there will be a few themed activities for Halloween during your cruise. I'm sure your kids will love it
  13. I've just had a look on P&O's website and Oceana is going in for a refit November 2017.
  14. The next Edge reveal from Celebrity Cruises is here. What are your thoughts on this new concept? There's a link to the video below for anyone who is looking to see more about what else is to come. https://youtu.be/iD9K9B5O9HY Eden will be a new venue that will feature three levels of sensory experiences, with windows that will also look out to sea so nature is intertwined in the both the design and performances that will feature in here. There will also be the Eden Cafe with experimental cuisine which will transform morning and evening. Celebrity are pushing the boundaries
  15. Everyone I've spoken to in person tends to agree that the Caribbean is very friendly and welcoming. We're hoping to visit here later this year and hoping to find out for ourselves. I also have to agree that the welcome is generally pretty good in the Baltics too.
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