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  1. Thank you all for your excellent comments, suggestions and advice. It is greatly appreciated and I look forward to being able to share my own views and experiences following my return.
  2. Well after spending the majority of the weekend going over and over different cruise lines and itineraries in our heads, my wife and I eventually realised we had reached an impasse. Upon realisation of this, we acknowledged there was only one thing for it, we needed to book two We spent a long time mulling over different cruise lines but eventually narrowed it down to two and in particular, two itineraries that we were both keen on. We have now booked the Crystal Mozart 'Treasures of the Danube' for April next year and we will also be travelling aboard AmaVida in September for the 'Entici
  3. Thank you very much for your thorough input BobTroll, it is greatly appreciated. Your reviews of the cruise lines are great and I'll take that into consideration when we look into it in more detail. I've had my eye on Crystal River Cruises for a while now and it was your point on cabins that intrigued me initially. I liked the look of Crystal seeing as they are all suite staterooms and all fully above water level. The more I read about Viking the less inclined I am to consider booking with them. On the surface they seem an excellent cruise line and they are certainly in your face at the m
  4. Hi Jeffniffer and Old World Traveller, thanks very much for your comments. I had previously looked at AMA on occasion and they do look lovely. Like others have said, I hadn't read much about Emerald Waterways nor Scenic but having done so now, they both look attractive so I shall definitely consider them. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you to both of you for your input. It is much appreciated.
  6. Maybe a fun pastime but certainly not a sport in my opinion.
  7. You raise an interesting point there Land Ahoy. I've just posted a topic on river cruising and stumbled across this conversation afterwards. I think the majority of people would still travel to Brussels and Paris but Turkey is seen as more a risk despite dreadful attacks taking place in both those cities. I agree with you. I would not wish to travel to Istanbul right now as I think the risk is far too high. I would visit resorts in the south however as I too, like Sammy Sun, know people that have recently travelled there and enjoyed themselves. It's not on my wishlist of destinations now as I
  8. Good afternoon fellow forum members, I am looking for some advice/recommendations on river cruising. It's a completely new realm to me so open to all suggestions. I am currently researching a vast amount of river cruise lines looking at the services they offer, itinerary choices and of course reputation for key features like accommodation and dining. In terms of itinerary, the Danube is high on my to do list and I have been particularly taken in by Crystal Mozart's roundtrip sailing from Vienna that looks quite appealing. On the other hand, I am also intrigued by the Douro. Very different
  9. Not a believer in it being shown all over the ships as I think that can be unfair on other passengers who are not so keen to have it shoved in their face but I do think it's good that these cruise lines offer venues for passengers to watch such events. The Euros and Olympics will be heavily followed and I would also be interested to keep up to date with Wimbledon and the Ryder Cup if I was on board.
  10. I actually think it's the cruise lines that are naive as well as some of the example passengers that have been mentioned. The forms are, if we're being honest, flimsy and pathetic. They are handed out in the full knowledge that the majority of people will tick that they are fine even if they are not, for the fear of missing out on a holiday they have been looking forward to. Instead of passing out the leaflet like it's a 10% discount for double glazing windows that's expected to be ignored, the paper should be much clearer, easier to understand and come from a different angle. The existin
  11. Ridiculous. There is no wonder they're receiving complaints when work is still going on to this extent.
  12. Some interesting opinions so far. As for remedies, I've heard of Avomine before on numerous occasions, but I've never really encountered other medications to help, are there many more to use? I've also heard that in the US many passengers are recommended to use patches on their arms or a small patch behind the ear that is a slow releasing anti-emetic. Not sure how I'd feel about that as apparently it can make you very dry-mouthed and drowsy, has anyone tried these before?
  13. I've just been chatting to some friends about cruising over lunch and the topic of sea-sickness came up. My friends wife suffers terribly with it, so much so that she was adamant she never wanted to go on another again after having a terrible first experience. We started talking about how to cope with it, whether it is something you cannot overcome or whether in fact it is all in our heads, and the more we think about it, the more it occurs. What do you think? Is it all in our heads? What remedies to forum members recommend for helping cope with it? I've always been told the best medicine
  14. Hi sammy, If we are talking dream destinations then Alaska and the Galapagos Islands would be right at the top of my list right now. As for semi-realistic, I do have Australia on my radar for some time in the not too distant future (hopefully)
  15. Having said that, I just literally read a post on cruise critic as I'd finished writing that and it looks like the new Crystal ship doesn't arrive till 2018.
  16. I see Crystal seem to be expanding at the moment and have a new ocean ship on the horizon as well as their river cruise venture. Depending on when you're looking to travel max it may well be worth considering their new ship.
  17. I am actually looking at doing a Viking Ocean Cruise myself Sea Cruiser so please share any information you have. Last week I looked at Viking Star for 2017 so a bit of a way off yet. Looked at the Empires of the Mediterranean itinerary in April. Like the look of the cruise and although i've visited some of the places before, might hopefully get some warm weather over there around then plus try out a new ship.
  18. Certainly is an interesting take on it. I do wonder whether it is a little cynical. I can understand the point but despite the reasons for the existence of formal nights, surely they should still be respected.
  19. You seem to be the first person to mention children's entertainment samfox01, which is of course important for a lot of families.
  20. Agree with you again HLM. Although it is a frustrating issue for me, a non-smoker, I'm sure the same applies for smokers. There is no way cruise lines are going to take the decision to ban smoking ship wide. They would lose far to much income in doing so. It is here to stay for the foreseeable future. All that needs to be done is continue to maintain a healthy compromise from both sides. Dedicated areas for smoking are fine by me. Inside smoking in popular areas on board is not. Surely that is an understandable and logical compromise. I think many cruise lines have it right at the moment but t
  21. I hope you get the outcome you're looking for and have a lovely cruise.
  22. Not so much the Genie but the suite that goes with it would be lovely thanks
  23. Quite a wide range of preferences I see. Interesting that promenade deck comes up a few times and I see that MSC have released new artist impressions of their new ship today with a full wrap around promenade deck. At least one cruise line is listening on that front.
  24. The river cruise ships look stunning. They seem to be expanding everywhere at the moment, have they had a massive influx of investment recently?
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