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  1. Thanks for all the comments,having been on several trips with P&O I have learnt to be selective on what we go on and some of the trips on offer IMO aren't value for money.Cadiz never been so as we dock in the city get off and walk same with Malta and Venice leisurely lunches in all in fact I think that will happen in all ports but you never know,I might find a trip that's interesting when we view the port info on board.
  2. I've just been looking at the shore excursions for our up coming cruise R506 Venice etc.Having traveled with P&O several times I have come to the conclusion that for what they are these trips are over priced.If we where to book a trip at every port it would probably add another £500-£600 to our holiday bill and most of the trips I don't fancy anyway anybody feel the same,or do consider them good value?
  3. I really don't see why there should be semi-formal nights anyway.I enjoy the formal nights and the dressing up but jacket and tie nights are pointless as long as P&O maintain a reasonable dress code in the main restaurants there shouldn't be a problem.
  4. We're on the Aurora in 2 weeks and haven't received our labels yet but I've just noticed they're still selling balcony cabins at the select price for this cruise,so I'm not expecting my labels for at least another week.You can contact Bolsover and they will send you their own labels and you just write the cabin number in them when you find out what it is.The time to worry is if you reach Southampton and they don't know who you are.
  5. I don't have problem with tipping and at least this way the people behind the scenes and the staff in places like the buffet service all get a share,but 25% is a little steep but I'll pay it.
  6. I've been in touch with Bolsover and they will send me their own luggage labels if P&o's aren't available no problem printing but I'm used to the one's with the little perforations! But never mind get out the sellotape.
  7. Thanks Sammy I've booked with Bolsover but it's an early saver and I don't know the cabin yet but they've got to give you labels so they know which cabin to send them to surely.
  8. I've traveled on Oceana when this was on trial,and throughly enjoyed it I still wore a smart shirt and trousers and really felt a lot more comfortable.I still enjoy the formal nights but semi formal is not necessary,as long as it's not jeans,shorts,and t shirts what's the problem. PS I'm dreading wearing a jacket this year.
  9. Hi I'm new to this forum I used to read the P&o forum but it seems to have gone.I am on the Aurora on the 17th May and would like to know when do you get your luggage labels?This is our seventh cruise but up to now we've always booked well in advance,this time we booked in March on an early saver where P&o allocate your cabin but I would have thought they still have to send luggage labels any info anybody.
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