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  1. Sorry for the delay!! Yes, normal staffing, just these 'restaurant hosts' who are a poor option.
  2. I was one of the lucky ones to join Britannia on the first cruise after the lockdown period. I have to say that I felt very safe and secure, from the excellent Eavesway coach trip down to Southampton, through the health screening prior to boarding, the boarding experience and then the cruise itself. There are one or two things that we have to get used to: facemasks whilst indoors except in bars and restaurants: regular hand sanitation: acceptance that some activities are currently off the itinerary. These only mirror what is happening on dry land but add to the feeling of safety. My only d
  3. Just back from a fantastic Christmas/New Year on Azura, flying to New Orleans, sailing over to Florida and then down into the Caribbean ...... brilliant all the way. Now, the bad bit: on the plane flying back from Barbados I was sat behind the family from Hell. The child, around seven years old, had Tourettes, or something similar: his language and behaviour were dreadful for the first part of the flight but then the medication he had been given by his mother put him to sleep for around six hours. The last two hours, once he woke up, were equally embarrassing for all those seated around him
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    On the subject of rudeness, we were flying home from the Britannia Christmas cruise the other week. A couple were sat near us - he at the window seat on our row, she behind me in the aisle seat. The evening meal had been served and we were all tucking in when she decided to retrieve something from a rucksack in the luggage bay above me. As the lady was pulling the rucksack out of the overhead bay I was aware of sand falling over me, and my meal. I asked the lady if she and her rucksack had been on the beach: she replied "Not today". I asked her if it had been on a beach recently, and was
  5. Hi Peter, great review and very informative for those who really do depend on lifts. My two cruise tips are: 1: avoid bread, and 2: avoid lifts. Only because its so easy to put a pound of weight per day on!! The Limelight club is a superb venue, we also used it twice, and I also agree with you about Sindhu. As I am in a particularly agreeable mood I would also come down on the side of Solent Richard, a guardian of common sense. In terms of the Glass House, it is spoilt by being in the middle of a walk-through area and in my opinion would have been better sited where the dance area is: I a
  6. One of our ports of call in September is La Spezia, Italy. 'Hightight' tours from here are either Pisa, which we have done, or Florence. Anyone any thoughts on the port of La Spezia as a place to wander around for the day, or is the best thing to go to Florence?
  7. Spot on about the market, the most colourful I've ever seen. The shuttle bus is only a three or four minute run, and the drop-off point is only a couple of hundred yards from the bottom of Ramblas. Great views of the city from the cafe at the top of El Corte Ingles, and if you decide to do the tour of Barcelona's football stadium it will come as no great surprise to find that the exit is through the club shop!! Lots to see and do, one of the best calls in the Med. Enjoy!
  8. We've got Azura in September and also booked Christmas 2016 on her - the itinerary looks fantastic!
  9. Thanks for fellow-positivity! I don't dance, although I do quite like watching those who can. If they amended the layout of the atrium to add a sizable dancing area then those who just want to watch have more opportunities, not just on deck five but also from decks six and seven. I would imagine that on the 'Strictly Come Dancing' themed cruises there would be many hundreds wishing to dance, and most of the rest wishing to watch, particularly when the professionals are dancing. Thanks for the welcome, and as they say at the end of 'Strictly', keeeep dancing!
  10. My wife and I have been fairly regular cruisers for almost 20 years: apart from a brief foray into 'Ocean Village' cruises, we have stayed loyal to P&O on the basis that 'if it aint broke, don't mend it'. We boarded brand new Britannia, along with just over 3,500 others, on 14th March and were impressed as soon as we got to the port. Accepting that there were many, many priority boarders we took our seats and were happy with the efficient checking in procedures. Of course some will complain that they had to wait, but .......! The atrium, with its starburst ceiling ornamentation,is spec
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