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  1. I think P&O thinks I am booking a full deck!
  2. My father in law needed wheelchair help on and off at Southampton earlier this year. We just had to register get to the cruise terminal and let the check in staff know. We were aked to take a seat and shortly two gents with a wheelchair appeared and were absolutly brilliant helping us right onto the ship and to the restaurant. On docking we were given a time to be at the Limelight (Britannnia) where again tw0 chaps wheeled him right off the ship helped find the luggae and get him to the cruise terminal. The help and assistance was top class and made what could have been a tricky on a
  3. Hope you get you medical problems resolved and can return to cruising soon. We did the Canaries Cruise on Britannia in April - 3rd cruise in 3 years all with different companies! We enjoyed the cruise Funchal was the highlight for us. Many people don't seem to like the number of sea days from Southampton on this cruise but I felt it gave a leisurely few days followed by a number of ports and a leisurely trip back. We enjoyed Britannia - all 3 cruise lines have been different but enjoyable. Back on Britannia in Mid July - be interesting to see what the refit has done.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts - appreciated. David H - Not looked at Azamara so thanks for that, interesting your thoughts on Marella too. Mmmm Briatnnia have mixed thoughts but prepared to try it and see. The large Aft Balcony was the reason for choosing the ship so I can 'escape' there from the crowds if it gets a bit too much. Davybe - Agree Celebrity Reflection had a decent size Balcony, will have a look at Millenium.
  5. Two years ago we had never been on a Cruise but with two under our belt (Celebrity & Norwegian) and P&O Britannia booked for April we are turning thoughts to 2020/2021. What has become evident (and perhaps we are just odd) is one of the most important things to us is a decent size Balcony. I find nothing more relaxing than whiling time away with a book in the fresh air. As a boat owner I also find the docking and departing fascinating so a decent balcony with a good view enhances my enjoyment. We had an Aft Sky Suite on Reflection which had a bit more room; were royally spoil
  6. Not as swish as yours OWT (nice view) but we went to an onboard presentation on a similar theme they certainly have some ships in build. This was the video they were showing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOQG4kD5DO8
  7. We seem to have caught this cruising bug..... After our fist ever cruise on Celebrity Reflection which we loved we got a great suite deal on Star going on the Adriatic & Greece route. Found the suite better than Reflection and enjoyed the cruise very much although I would say Celebrity pips it but then it should given the cost between the two suites we had, dress is also way more casual on Norwegian. No dedicated Restaurant for Suite Passengers on Star but not really very much to complain about. Would we go with Norwegian again - certainly. I find it very interesting as a new ‘cr
  8. I had forgotton to update this thread. We had a great cruise on Reflection, any concerns I had soon disappeared after a few hours on the ship. The Sky Suite made it for me, being able to relax in the late afternoon after setting sail with a cool drink watching the wake was a real plus. We enjoyed it so much we looked to book another cruise onboard thinking there would be all sorts of incentives, how wrong. The same cruise, suite tec was some 40% more than we had paid, we had not booked last minute either. So we left it and have booked an Owners suite on NCL Star next year.
  9. Many thanks for your input Sammy - appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the welcome Captain Kidd. I have been to Santorini and a number of Greek Islands but my wife has not so this seemed an ideal way to go. It will be the first holiday on a boat where I am not the Captain
  11. After much and I do mean much (months) of research we have finally booked our first cruise. In our mid 50's and I had always thought cruises were for older people (I know) but persuaded that a taster of different places are a great way to see where we would like to visit in more detail in future. Booked on Celebrity Reflection 9th June 17 10 night Greece and Italy Cruise. Sky Suite 1665 which is a corner suite so looking forward to it. Any tips on Celebrity gratefully receive.
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