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  1. We have had three cruises with CMV, one on the Magellan and two on the Columbus and enjoyed every one. Also, Tilbury is a more convenient departure port for us than Southampton. So, really sad that they have been forced into administration. Like afcandrew, who I largely agree with, we have cruised frequently with P&O, who we also like but similarly we are not really interested in the larger vessels and the Aurora seems to be the pick of the remaining bunch. So, until now, our expectation was that we were likely to be travelling more and more with CMV in the future but sadly
  2. As I said when they trialled this all inclusive alcoholic drinks offer last year, the price is hopelessly wrong. Fred Olsen and CMV both have similar "all inclusive" drinks packages, which they have offered successfully for many years but in each case at less than half the £39.95 per day each that P&O seems to think is appropriate. As it has to apply to both passengers sharing a cabin, that is effectively £80 per day. Realistically, who is going to spend that sort of money on drinks each day, we certainly wouldn't. On the Arcadia World cruise, for example; that is a 99 night
  3. All of you seem to be missing the main issue. As a UK cruise line, P&O’s customers are essentially the same people that might otherwise choose to travel with Fred Olsen or Cruise & Maritime, where in each case the “All Inclusive” cost of alcoholic drinks bought on board by the glass is vastly less than P&O are proposing here with their trial. It is also daft to compare P&O’s prices with what American based cruise lines and other Carnival Group cruise lines might offer, that is a totally different customer base. In addition to P&O, we have travelled with Fred Olsen and
  4. You would think that cruise lines would charge broadly similar prices per night for the same grade of cabin on their cruises. Yet the same cruise line will very frequently show widely different levels in price per night for the same cabin grade on certain of their other cruises, whether it be on the same vessel or otherwise and even at the same time of year. I would have thought their daily costs would be similar, so why these differences. Is it just because they are trying to maximise their profit on what they see as popular cruises, or what? Does anyone have any explanation for this var
  5. Having started out with Fred Olsen, who do offer an optional all inclusive drinks package, which used to be £10 pp/day each but went up to £15 pp/day a couple of years ago, we are used to the idea and have grown to like it. We have since travelled with CMV, who also offer an optional all inclusive deal at £17 pp/day but at £34 per day for a couple you are getting into the borderline area of economy for many people and so lots of people don't bother. We decided to go with it last time and were pleasantly surprised to find that with CMV it also included cocktails and some liqueurs too.
  6. Just got off Adonia today after a really good 15 day Med cruise. Good weather, great food (agreed by everyone), great decor and lovely happy smiling crew. Given that this is a cracking little cruise ship and was crammed full of Ligurian and Baltic tier P&O cruisers, i.e. long service P&O customers, who were all there because they know what they want and really enjoy this vessel, everyone on board was gutted to hear the news of the sale when it was announced and I can't help thinking that P&O has missed a trick here. Others have said that P&O couldn't compete with Azamura a
  7. We have cruised on the Arcadia before and have an Adonia cruise booked for this Autumn. However, we had never been on the Oriana, so we arranged a ship visit on Oriana recently. Whilst on board, we were told about FCD's and that we could apply on board if we wished. Liking what we saw on Oriana, we decided we would but unfortunately there was no opportunity to fully complete the process during our brief period on board, so we were asked to fill in the form with our phone number and e-mail address, etc as we were assured that P&O would contact us in the next few days to finish the process.
  8. We always bought Fred’s £10 a day drinks package, when cruising with Fred Olsen and were pleased to do so. However, when we tried Cruise & Maritime’s Magellan last September, we discovered their inclusive drinks price was £17 a day, or £34 for the two of us, which we initially thought was a bit pricey. Nevertheless, we decided to buy it anyway, to give us more certainty re on-board spend (you can sign up for it on board within the first 24 hours) and I was very glad that we did, for the following reason. As the cruise progressed, we very soon discovered that C&M’s drinks pack
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