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  1. Has anyone any recent information as to whether P & O have resurrected the Music Festivals at Sea program, discontinued when Adonia was sold last year?
  2. We, too, were on this cruise, and thoroughly enjoyed the on board experience. Our cruise baptism was on board Oriana, and this was our third cruise on her. We had booked this cruise for a number of reasons: - a) For my wife, long distance air travel is out of the question. This being out from and back to Southampton it was perfect and meant the Caribbean was attainable. b)This was a Music Festivals at Sea cruise, which fact made it doubly attractive. c) It was on Oriana, our favourite of the three P&O ships we have sailed on. Yes, Oriana creeks and can be noisy at times
  3. Moscow to St Petersburg is superb - even on a second-rate, French organised, Stalin Era boat. Choose one which gives you at least 3 days in each of the terminal ports. In between, the scenery is fantastic and the ports of call very different from anything else you are likely to have encountered elsewhere. A cynic might say much of what you are allowed to see is "engineered", but very much worth seeing anyway. A word of warning for Amsterdam - Vienna. Don't go if there has been a drought! We spent almost half the holiday on coaches, missing out totally on the Rhine portion, because the riv
  4. well ive never been and would love it. does anyone know if you can get there without flying on a cruise as i dont like flying that far. We are booked on Oriana X704 18 March to 11 April '17. This is also a "Music Festivals at Sea" cruise.
  5. Just returned from Arcadia's US and Canada Cruise out from and back to Southampton. We docked in New York about midday as scheduled and were out of the immigration hall by 2pm, despite having been warned the whole process could take up to 5 hours! We were assembled in various parts of the ship soon after arrival, then called to the immigration hall in waves, those on trips and we independents at the same time (we had expected the tours would have priority). Once in the hall we were through in less than 10 minutes. The officer took our ESTA without even looking at it, scanned the passport and p
  6. Just got back from Arcadia's transatlantique cruise. The Future Cruise desks were staffed by 3 girls each time the section was open, and there was always a queue at each desk, especially after the 2018 cruises were announced!
  7. Thanks to you all for the info. Sadly, we are only there for about 30 hours in total so the difficulty is going to be what to choose. There are so many things we would like to do. We have booked the Harlem and Cotton Club visit on the first evening, and the Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty trip the next morning. How to see Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, E.S. Building etc, etc, etc......!!!? We are unlikely ever to get back there as the only way my wife can do the trip is by sea.
  8. We are booked on Arcadia in September for the round trip Southampton/North America/Southampton and are pondering over which visits, if any, to book for New York. This is our first ever trip Stateside so know nothing. Is it possible to "do" New York on your own, or should we bite the bullet and book general trips which will cover the major "must see" places? Early replies would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.
  9. Most of the posts so far seem to concentrate on the consecutive days at sea factor. My wife is unable to sit for long periods of time so long-haul flights are out of the question, as are repositioning cruises for the same reason. Without the P&O Southampton - Eastern Seaboard USA - Southampton cruise in September we would not have the opportunity to visit stateside. We are actually looking forward to the 5 days at sea in each direction as a time for relaxing.
  10. We thoroughly enjoyed the "Music Festivals At Sea" themed cruise on Adonia last summer. It was very well organised, brilliantly compared by Nick Bailey from Classic FM, and we were treated to some excellent music played and sung by artists of the highest calibre. In addition, the singers amongst us were moulded into a chorus for a performance of "The Merry Widow" which was very well received by the audience. The whole experience was extremely enjoyable. My only criticism was that Adonia was, perhaps, too small. I can understand why she was used, as perhaps P&O thought there would not
  11. We have done two: Amsterdam to Vienna and Moscow to St Petersburg. Both were intrinsically excellent. The former suffered from the rivers/canal being short of water, so half the cruise was on coaches as the boat could not get back to Amsterdam. Apparently the converse has been known to happen, in that too much water means the boat cannot get under some of the bridges! The Russian cruise suffered from being organised by a French travel company on a Stalin's proletariat boat which was totally lacking in amenities and entertainment. It did have the virtue of being much cheaper than the major rive
  12. Evening All, Has anyone out there ever sailed with Cruise and Maritime Voyages, specifically on Marco Polo? If so, any information, advice, comments, criticisms etc would be gratefully received as soon as possible, please. Marco Polo is a much smaller ship (800 capacity) than we have experienced before (all with P&O) and we are rather concerned about things like stability, services, entertainment, cuisine - specially as the cruise we are looking at is rather a lengthy one (if we can find a house/dog/cat/plants sitter!). Speedy replies would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Oh, well. It was just an idea, but it seems the general feeling is "Don't". We would have had a problem finding an animal sitter anyway, I suppose!
  14. Morning All, We are considering taking a cruise over Christmas for the first time - round trip Southampton, not more than 10 days, preferably P&O. Any details of what to expect in terms of festvities on board would be welcome. We are not overly gregarious or partying types! (70+)
  15. We have done two river cruises. The second was with a French company (can't remember the name) from Moscow to St Petersberg along the Volga. A very interesting cruise and most enjoyable - EXCEPT the boat was from the Stalin era and was basic in the extreme! Very small and spartan cabins, no entertainment, no relaxing area except on plastic garden chairs on deck. The food was good, however, though served by young girls who only spoke their own language! The first was with Noble Caledonia, scheduled to sail from Amsterdam to Vienna. The ship, food and visits were great. 150 or so passengers,
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