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  1. Keep it quiet, but I have heard a whisper that it is going to be called.............P&O GARGANTUAN.
  2. Hi RayO, I am in a similar position to yourself, I lost my wife last October and we had cruised for many years as a couple, in fact when she became poorly we had 4 cruises booked which all had to be cancelled. Even when we cruised as a couple I always felt that Singles were getting a rough deal, now I know how rough it is. Though I would love to go on a cruise I still cannot bring myself to pay the inflated price that singles have to pay. Sadly, I don't believe it will get any better, so at the moment no cruises for me. Bryn.
  3. Hi Peter, it was me who printed this information after I had a problem when the Restaurant Manager aboard Aurora said he never received a message from me ( I did not believe him then and still don't to this day ). Arcadia should be ar so it may be a mistake that I made when typing it ( Cannot even blame stubby fingers as r and c are on completely diffferent rows). I would tend to agree with you that Britannia should be br. Regards Bryn.
  4. I am not going to get involved in the rights or wrongs of tipping. What is interesting is that the original poster has not responded to any one since the original post. Total wind-up merchant.
  5. Could not agree more shilly3191. When in the meeting with the PSM I asked did he have the brochure for 2013/14 and also the two previous years, he did. I showed him the 2011/12 brochure and he agreed that Port Timings were well set out, we then looked at the 2012/13 brochure where they were less so and then on to the 2013/14 where they were very vague. I asked him could he understand why I was annoyed (as a loyal P&O passenger). His reply : I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you. I finished my letter to them by saying if this is the future with P&O, I will gladly sa
  6. We had a similar problem last year on Aurora, when all the ports of call were shortened. I wrote a letter of complaint addressed to "The Captain", within an hour I had a phone call to my cabin from the Passenger Services Manager asking could I go to his office for a chat. He was very nice but, like all management, he had to tow the line and had all sorts of excuses for the reasons of running slow, his final comment was that they run slower between ports to save on fuel so that they can pass on the savings to us the customer. My reply to him was "B*LLSH*T" to which he was a little taken a
  7. DBH


    Yes for August 2015, we booked Britannia because it had the best itinerary for our needs and not because it was the new ship. Regards Bryn.
  8. Last Monday i phoned HM Passport Office as I had been waiting 5 weeks for my Passport (sent Check&Send by Post Office) The lady I got through too said that my Passport was being processed and would be with me within 2 weeks. Within 20 mins of putting the house phone down I received a text saying my Passport was being printed. Within an hour of the text a white pulls up outside my house and a courier knocks on my door with said Passport. It's a result I know and panic is averted, but the old saying rings true here " does the Right Hand know what the Left Hand is doing".
  9. We sail on Celebrity when the years are even (2014, Eclipse in August) and P&O when the years are odd (2015 Azura in January & Britannia in August) Give them a try, I'll be surprised if do not like them. Regards Bryn.
  10. There was a discussion recently on one of the sites (cannot remember which) regarding the embarkation times on your ticket being enforced at Southampton. If I remember correctly, Celebrity/RCI were going too start at the beginning of the season and the others were going too follow later. As Waves49 has asked above, has anyone been on Celebrity/RCI in the last couple of weeks to confirm if this is happening. Regards Bryn.
  11. It's all sorted!!!!!!!! Spoke to a very nice lady at P&O flight dept. who said they could arrange the change of carrier, but I would have to go through my TA as I had not booked direct with P&O. I explained to her that I knew that my TA had sent an email as I had been CC'd said email. Anyway, back in touch with my TA and it is now sorted. Thanks for your replies. Bryn.
  12. When booking for the Caribbean I asked my agent could they request that we travel with a particular carrier, as we had had problems with the other carrier that P&O charter and vowed not to fly with them again. The problems we had happened 6 years ago and we have not flown with that carrier since. We have now been allocated a flight with the carrier we won't fly with. Do you think if I phone P&O and explain the problem we have, they will help us out and change our flight. I really don't want to cancel our cruise but may do so if we can't get a satisfactory outcome.
  13. I have also pre-registered today for B517, I have given 10 cabins in order of preference (HA grade). Deposit to be taken when cabin secured. Also believe the deal I have got is pretty good. Regards Bryn.
  14. Hi Rashvina, In my opinion it's not good value at all. I booked a cruise for August of this year on Eclipse when they first went on sale and believe I got a very good deal. I now know this is so, last week I phoned my travel agent to ask if I would be better off cancelling my booking and re-booking at the new price inclusive of drinks. The price quoted was just over £1500 more than I paid originally, meaning if I were to buy the drinks package for both of us, I would be better off to the tune of approx £750. So, from where I'm standing there is a massive catch. Regards
  15. I have just looked at the link sammy sun provided and must say I am a little surprised with the dress code for the Caribbean, (have not been myself). I thought they removed the Jackets required, leaving 4 Black Tie and 10 Evening Casual on a 14 night Caribbean cruise. Just shows what I know!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Bryn.
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