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  1. Drop off cases at ship usually around 11:30 then out to Southampton Airport - and park in long stay - must pre book, cost for 12 nights re Ventura in 5th December - £48.00. Then choice of Bus ( Free Pass - takes 40 mins to Southampton Station, or Rail under £9.00 single for 2. Taxi to Docks £5.00, and check in. On return taxi to airport last Saturday £20,00. So total outlay £68.00., totally secure long term car park, a lot more reasonable that the high price CPS charges for little effort. Also with Southampton Airport lying North of Southampton, I was on the M27 at 09:
  2. Don't agree with assumption that Britannia is solidly booked - i.e. latest lists of discounts show as having capacity. I am holding off booking until I can read some feedback from the first 6 trips or so, my hesitation is based on the poor rating given by our US Cousins on Royal and Regal Princess's etc. In particular the soot problem over the rear decks. Hopefully Britannia sporting 2 funnels as oppossed to one may have an impact on this particular challenge. Fingers Crossed!!!!!! Preston Man
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