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  1. Oh that's such a shame. We really enjoy walking around the decks along the length of the ship especially during days at sea. Thank you for your response T
  2. I'm shortly sailing on P&O's Britannia for the first time and wondered if there is a promenade deck as on the Ventura which you can walk around the whole circumference of the ship without going so far then having to turn and retrace your footsteps as on the Azura.
  3. Hi everyone My husband and I are shortly going on our second cruise on P&O's Ventura and already are thinking about next years cruise but this time, taking our family with us. There will be 11 of us split between 3 cabins...6 adults, 3 children and 2 infants and the cruise that suits our dates best is for one week next Easter on the Azura. We were almost ready to pre-register when we realized the cabins were directly below the Theatre and I'm now worried that the children will be disturbed by the noise from the shows each evening. I realise that each cabin is sound proofed but, when I sou
  4. At last...someone who can understand my point of view!! Thank you Oldworldtraveller.
  5. Ouch...that's hitting a bit below the belt wheels36!!! I mentioned we wouldn't be taking long frocks and lounge suits etc not bathroom accessories. Where does the "can't be bothered to shower" comment come in to the equation? It's not that we can't be bothered to dress, just that we prefer not to on a relaxing holiday. Surely each to their own. Oh and cabin boy....we looked at NCL and many other cruise lines but decided that P&O was the one that best suited our taste and I'm pleased to say we were correct...our tastes were catered for perfectly. We had not one single thing to complain abou
  6. My advice would be to wear long dresses and dj's if you feel comfortable wearing them but certainly DON'T be put off cruising if you don't because you won't look out of place AT ALL as long as you still wear smart dresses and shirt and trousers. My hubby and I had resisted cruising for years because of what we thought was the strict formal dress code but, not being able to fly any more, we decided to risk going on a cruise last year and we absolutely loved it. My hubby wore smart shirts and trousers and I wore some lovely dresses and, granted, we didn't go into our dining room on the black t
  7. ps...Sammy Sun...I've taken your advice about the excursions and have booked a couple that really appeal to us and would be disappointed to miss out on if we wait and find they're fully booked. :-)
  8. Hi everyone and thank you all for your advice especially about getting back to the ship on time. Imagine...getting left behind on our first cruise!! As regards the dress code...people take holidays for different reasons. The cuisine, I have to say, is not high on our list of priorities and neither is the dress code. I appreciate that for some this isn't the case but I really hope that cruising offers us new experiences and highlights other than dressing up. I look forward to waking up each morning in a different place, the beautiful scenery, experiencing the different culture of a part of the
  9. Hi Pesky Pirate...thanks for your reply. Our idea for evenings was a nice dress and smart trousers and shirt...the kind you would wear to dinner in a smart hotel... would these suffice to allow us into the bars and theatres do you think? I've asked various people about the kind of clothing we'll need during the day and the opinion seems to be layers because there's no way of knowing what the weather is going to be like at the end of May. One person said she took hat, scarf and gloves...and wore them...and another said when they went last year they were sunbathing!!! We usually travel light but
  10. Thank you for your responses. However, I have been led to believe that we do not have to attend the formal dinners as these are optional but there will still be plenty of other places to eat where the dress code is more relaxed i.e. smart casual not DJ's and 'posh frocks'. My other concerns are daywear and excursions. Do we book our excursions before we go or wait until we're on board or 'sort ourselves out' when we disembark at each destination?
  11. Hi everyone Never been on a cruise before, we're more of a go where we want, wear what we want and eat what, when and where we want. However, circumstances have meant that we are unable to fly for a while so....as it's a special wedding anniversary this year we decided we would push the boat out (pardon the pun!!) and give it a whirl . We've chosen to 'do' the Norwegian Fjords for one week on the Azura sailing from and to Southampton at the end of May. I am sure we will love it ( I haven't spoken to anyone yet that hasn't enjoyed cruising) but being a complete novice at this type of holiday
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