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  1. Wow! That IS shocking... I guess you can only hope that prices are about to drop in that 8-12 weeks before sailing. Fingers crossed.
  2. Back to your original post Garry... I would imagine the key part of the "equation" is when exactly you are looking to book. Apologies in advance for my maths, but based on what you wrote, it would appear you are comparing a price around £1,700pp given in July 2016 for a cruise in May 2017, against a price around £2,700pp this month for a very similar cruise in May 2018? Did Celebrity have a sale or special offer on for the May 2017 cruise that isn't available this time around? You also mention "buy one get one half price" - so does that apply to the £2,700pp pricing (meaning a comparison of £3
  3. And no doubt Praia de Vitoria is "the only reason we booked the cruise" despite all the Caribbean ports...
  4. Very unreasonable, I wouldn't even wait until the next port We've only had one upgrade ever. We had booked two insides next to each other as there were no 4-berths available on the cruise we wanted, and were thrilled to find on check-in that we'd been upgraded to two outsides instead. Until we saw the "consecutive" cabin numbers - D102 and D103 could hardly be further apart! That was 30+ cruises ago, and the first and last time we had an upgrade.
  5. If there's really demand for these little extras (I remember them too), then perhaps they should just stock them in the onboard shops for "that little bit extra". Then no need to put the cruise prices up for those who aren't bothered, and those passengers that care can still have them.
  6. And if you REALLY like a post and are desperate to show it, you can right click on the Like button and either copy the link into the URL of your browser, or open in new tab/window. If you can be bothered. Very irritating though. I managed to Like 2torts' post on page 1...
  7. You can get to later pages with a little workaround (which is irritating but it can be done). Just add ?page=2 to the end of the URL For example, when this page gets a page 2 (hopefully not on my reply or you'll miss it!): https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/forum/topic/5171-i-am-the-pesky-pirate/?page=2
  8. I could have written exactly the same word for word
  9. We were on that cruise too farmersgirl... Worth mentioning that we got an extra (very wet!) day in Copenhagen instead of sailing across to Helsingborg, and had our port fees refunded. We also missed Helsingborg 2 years ago on the same cruise, but on that occasion we had already left Copenhagen so had to spend a very choppy day at sea instead. Much better this time around despite the obvious disappointment of missing Helsingborg again.
  10. Yes! If our past cruises with P&O are anything to go by, there will certainly be a Halloween themed party for the kids (even maybe a fancy dress competition, face-painting etc.), and likely something for the adults in the evening too. It's been a few years since we were onboard for Halloween though, but I can't imagine this would have changed. We had some fab Halloween parties with P&O over the years.
  11. What I can't work out is this... how on earth did ANYONE think that was actually a good idea?!? Especially when so many people talk about what they paid while onboard!
  12. Not for me thanks. I'd rather spend the £160 (for 4 of us) on something else. If the airline want to split us up and let other passengers look after my kids, then on their heads be it!!! (Of course I have to say that my kids are impeccably behaved and I also think there is no way they wouldn't sit us together anyway!)
  13. I've just spent the last 10 minutes crying with laughter at some of the suggestions on the P&O twitter feed (although some are more than a little inappropriate). Looks like Cruisy McCruiseFace is the current favourite, got to be a little careful with Shippy McShipFace though ahem...
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