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  1. Not really, I just know what the average is.
  2. The democracy that we have is one that gives us a vote for representatives, who in turn make important decisions on our behalf. The reasons for this are sound in that our elected members are above average intelligence, and also have privileged access to expert opinion. There is no place in our democratic system for advisory referendums, other than when the ruling party has a separate agenda, as in this case to destroy UKIP. The fact that Cameron chose to risk the UK economy for party reasons says much about the man, and the result of this means that there will never be another referendum in
  3. The real world is the one that I live in, that's why I have read "The Economist" for the last twenty years, and not the garbage that most people in this country read. We will not be leaving the "single market" because we cannot, and despite all the talk of Brexit nothing will result from this fiasco other than a seriously weakened economy. If you wish to take a step closer to the real world then try and work out how a new Prime Minister who has not won a General Election, and with a "wafer thin" majority of 16 is going to do anything. There will only be one thing on Theresa May's mind fo
  4. I have met a lot of German people over the years through business, and initially I was surprised how well they were generally informed about current affairs, particularly on unification when a German taxi driver was telling me how much the rate for incorporating the ostmark into the deutschmark should be. However, it is not hard to see why as the fear from currency devaluation has been passed through the generations, following the collapse in 1921-3 when a barrow load of notes would not buy a loaf of bread.
  5. Off air conversation accidentally recorded by Sky News between Sir Malcolm Rifkind and former Chancellor Ken Clarke. Mr Clarke "I don't think either Andrea Leadsom or Boris Johnson actually are in favour of leaving the European Union. Sir Malcolm: "Well I don't think they even cared very much either way". Mr Clarke: "She is not one of the tiny band of lunatics who think we can have a sort of glorious economic future outside the single market. So long as she understands that she's not to deliver on some of the extremely stupid things she's been saying."
  6. Wallowing in glee at the prospect of Marine Le Pen getting a knock-on election boost. Not a hint of regret. Really quite disgraceful.
  7. Businesses moving well Morgan Stanley took 2000 jobs on day one, and Easyjet and Vodafone have announced plans to move abroad. Of course that is just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile Paris and Frankfurt are desperately competing to win London's financial business, which of course pays for the NHS.
  8. First of all you have not made a single economic argument, because you do not know how to argue. An opinion should start with a blank canvas, and weigh the arguments for and against, thereby reaching a conclusion. You have started with a bigoted opinion, and merely searched for information that you feel justifies your position. In reality you have offered nothing to a discussion that ought to have been interesting, but in reality has simply shown up a "darker side" to the British character.
  9. I really cannot understand why you posted that link. Of course people are worried, and personally I have been very concerned about the economy for many years with a projected £1.8 trillion debt by 2020 that I do not believe the UK GDP can stabilise, never mind repay. Leaving national debts for your children and grandchildren is something that I find repulsive, but following the referendum this foolish generation of elderly people has even removed any semblance of credibility for them to even attempt to repay the debt. It is not surprising that we are already seeing family splits with intell
  10. All that I have been doing is trying to raise the level of the discussion to the next level above "rock bottom", but as the saying goes "some fell on stony ground". Or as the lyrics from "The Boxer" go, "Such are promises All lies and jests Still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest"
  11. Do you really believe that a UK premier is going to initiate article 50 and turn the UK into Greece?
  12. Francois Hollande has caught the mood and upped the ante by stating that article 50 once called cannot be stopped. Being in the European Union has advantages,” added the president, alluding to voters who opted to leave but have since expressed regrets. “And that’s ... what the British are starting to understand. Those who were tempted by the Brexit are starting to think it over.” No chance of this foolish adventure ever happening, but meanwhile "Rome burns".
  13. Not really kept quiet. Read Theresa May statement about previous plans for budget balance in 2020 being abandoned. No choice because of what B of E has spent.
  14. Sammy, we have spent many years of EU payments already, just propping up the pound in this last week.
  15. If you imagine the UK position prior to last week as someone who has a huge mortgage debt on their house that they cannot really afford, even though they are paying a vey low interest rate. Then they go into work one morning and find that they have had their working week reduced to four days. Then they get home and find a letter from the building society telling them that the interest rate on the mortgage has gone up. That's the hole that the UK is in.
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