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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some advice asbout Lorient, Bordeaux & Rouen. We have 2 girls aged 7 & 5 who are generally really we behaved & happy to walk around a bit but does anyone have any tips for these places?
  2. I think it's a great idea! Such a nice change to ANOTHER chef. Will attract a very different audience
  3. We talk so much about where we’d like to go and when but we all know that what we Brits really love is a good moan! So, for a bit of fun, which port would you avoid at all costs? I'd avoid Martinque & Trinidad. All the locals who live in Martinque seemed like they didn't want us there, very rude & abrupt. Trinidad I'm sure is very beautiful but I didn't feel safe. The roads were lined with Tourist Information guides telling us not to turn down certain roads as we'd get mugged
  4. Do forum members think that sitting times in the main restaurants on board are soon to be a thing of the past? Since the idea of freedom dining first took hold, it seems to have become so popular that I can’t remember the last person I spoke to on board who had booked first or second sitting as their preference. Do people still want sitting times or will it soon be all open seating
  5. We always book a balcony as there's four of us (2 adults & 2 children). We find it jsut gives us that little bit more space when we're trying to got ready to go out. Even when we've done a less sunny climate we like the balcony open. I love the sound of the sea or the falling rain, quite relaxing
  6. Couldn't agree more Cruise Chef. It's always front line that get it in the neck & they've never normally had anything to do with the situtation
  7. A Rabbit.... O'Hare Airport.....A Bunny Girl...... & Jessica Rabbit??? That Playboy bunny definatley won't have "bright eyes...." this morning!
  8. I like to chop & change with different operators, try different ships. Not sure I'd take one out as it then limits me to just that cruise line. What if I wanted to try someone else? Think I'll just stick to booking what I like when I see it
  9. I did this sailing last year & didn't bother with Paris. It makes it sucha long day & when you're only on the ship for a few nights you want to make the most of your experience on there. We stayed in Le Harve, went to a nice food market, grabbed some nice french cheese, a bagette & a bottle of wine. We then just perched ourselves near the harbour wall & watched the day go by. Enjoy the ship, she's wonderful. Be careful in the Martini Bar though, they slipped something toxic in ALL my drinks that gave me a nasty headache the next day !!
  10. I did wonder what all the ocean medallion cruises was all about - very "big brother is watching you"
  11. It must be taking place in the Limelight Club if theres a dinner included. Will be a nice intimate event if it is
  12. Has anyone done a cruise to see the Midnight Sun? What are peoples thoughts on which cruise line would be best for this? We are only just starting to look into this topic, its on my husbands bucket list Thanks in advance
  13. Now there's a question!! I bet he's in a bit of a quandary...unless of course C4 get the show sponsered by 'Nobby's Nuts' then he'll be set for life
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