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  1. Hi, first time cruiser here. Could someone explain exactly what Freedom dining is? If the set times are 1830 and 2030, then is the 'freedom' part that you can choose either, or could you turn up at say 1930 or 2100? Does it also mean that you can choose what size table you sit at? If we chose a table size of say 8, then does that mean that at every meal you would have to site with 6 others? Just thinking it may be nice sometimes to sit with just my hubby, and other times with a group of people. Lots of questions sorry, but I'd appreciate your advice. Many thanks.
  2. Hi, this is my first time on here, hoping to find advice about our first cruise. We're planning to go to the Caribbean in November 2016, and were wondering when we will be able to book with P&O? Any advice about when we should book, and the benefits of booking early or last minute would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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