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  1. Best April Fool joke I've seen in a long time. Wouldn't mind going on it anyway.
  2. We have done 2 Viking River Cruises, last year we did the Elbe (not enough water) and this year the Rhone (too much water). In both cases Viking went out of their way to minimise the disruption to the cruise, although it did become a Coach Cruise for a small part of each cruise. The care and attention they give to their customers is unparalleled in our experience and we would have no hesitation in recommending them.
  3. A few years ago we went on a cruise across the Pacific finishing in Beijing, We came across the rudest people we have ever encountered on this cruise - they were Chinese, closely followed by Russians. One of the calls was Vladivostok and we must say that the Russians we encountered there were extremely welcoming and polite.
  4. Hi Everyone, We have booked on NCL (Norweigan Star) on a cruise next January from Hong Kong to Sidney. Although we have done several cruises they have all been with P&O, Princess and Cunard. Would appreciate advice on the following:- Your views on NCL Things to do and see in Vietnam, specifically Nha Trang and Ho Chi Min City. Things to do and see in Bali (Benoa) Things to do and see in Komodo Thanks in advance, Pete
  5. How about Bridlington Queen to Flamborough?
  6. I agree that we are receiving an excessive number of posted items from Bolsover. This has got much worse during the last few months. I would be more than happy to just receive emails, as I do from other companies. It would save Bolsover money and make the postman's bag much lighter for him to carry. Please Bolsover reduce the burden.
  7. Lewis Hamilton is a dead cert but probably one of the least deserving nominees. In the best car all he's proved is that he is better driver than Rosberg, but someone like Jo Pavey, Max Whitlock and Adam Peaty have had to really work hard to prove they are the best. To my mind the winner ought to be Jo Pavey.
  8. We flew to Barbados with Thomson a few years ago and was one of the best flights ever, with all meals and drinks.
  9. I have just booked a Panama Canal cruise on Island Princess in April. Has anyone any experience of this ship, also any tips about a Panama Canal cruise.
  10. We've twice stayed in forward facing cabins on Adonia and they give an excellent view forward, particularly when entering and leaving ports. The down side is that in rough weather the sliding patio type doors do tend to let in water. Never really noticed any excessive movement due to being at the font of the ship, but in the Cape Horn region our cabin was damp to the extent that we had to be moved to an empty cabin for 1 night while our cabin was thoroughly dried. We were told that the doors were to be changed, but not sure when. All in all not actually as bad as it maybe sounds and we would
  11. The most exotic and interesting cruise we did was a repositioning cruise on Diamond Princess. The cruise started in Vancouver and then to Alaska. Across the Pacific to Muroran in Japan where we were the first cruise ship to visit after the Nuclear problems - what an experience - the locals were so polite, friendly and appreciative of the support, not only from the ship but for the aid from everyone in our different countries. Nothing was too much trouble for them, the schools were performing arts and crafts (and giving away their works), food and drinks were supplied for free and they would
  12. We've flown many times all over the world and can say that flying into and out of Barbados on a P&O charter flight was the easiest we've ever encountered.
  13. With a little pre-cruise investigation Lisbon is very easy to do on your own. Transport links (metro, trams, local trains etc) are very reliable and not too expensive.
  14. We too would like to do the Panama Canal but find the length of the cruise from Southampton to San Francisco or Los Angeles to be slightly longer than we would like. Our ideal scenario would be say starting or finishing in Barbados but this doesn't seem to be an option. Our ideal cruise line would be P&O.
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