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    Not long now only 15 sleeps, cases down from the loft, tickets printed, excursions booked etc.etc. Molly
  2. Hi Lilacsam, As has been said, most of the islands are easy to DIY, but as it is your first time it can be a bit daunting. We have done the odd P&O trip - submarine in Barbados and a coffee plantation (can't remember where). If you google your ports of call, register on Cruise Critic or go on trip advisor you will pick up some tips and also recommendations for private tour operators, who are very good value for money. We are also on the Adonia in Jan next year, can't wait
  3. Totally agree with all the comments. Our first cruise was on the Oceana - Panama Canal. We have sinced cruised on the Ventura and the Azura but still love the Oceana. Molly
  4. We had a similar problem last year. I booked two cruises,both select fares, one for Feb 2014 and one for Jan 2015. After emailing various people and speaking to Bolsover we had the same reply as you. Unfortunately we were unable to cancel and rebook as the cabin grade we had booked for 2014 was full and the cruise for 2015 was full. I was not a happy bunny, but despite an email to 'the boss' was not offered anything. I did however receive an email from customer services explaining that as the cruises had increased in price the extra OBC was less than the increases, but I couldn't check their
  5. sagaris


    Hi Rikki, We have booked the Adonia, 21st Jan 2015. Like you we booked because of the ports. We have sailed on the Oceana, Ventura and Azura, so I think we will notice a difference, but we are looking forward to the cruise as I have only read good reviews. I think the biggest difference will possibly be that there will not be the mix of age groups that are on the other ships, but I think it will be more relaxing on a smaller ship and also the fact that there are only 700ish passengers will make for a nice atmosphere. # Molly
  6. Mega pegs, brilliant for holding towels in place on the sunbeds (if you are lucky enough to find one ) Buying toiletries airside if you are battling the weight in your suitcases. Shoe holder to hang from the bathroom door for said toiletries - space is limited in the bathrooms. As already mentioned - extension lead. In the Caribbean - stock up on soft drinks and alcohol in Barbados, saves carrying it on the plane and it most cases is cheaper. Research your ports of call and book excursions privately - usually much better value than ship ones. Best of all ENJOY yourself. Molly
  7. I think you get the sunbed hoggers on all of the cruises. I have been known to move things off a sunbed if it looks as if it has just been reserved but not being used! Molly
  8. Hello Irene, We have also bookked Adonia for January 2015. It will be our first time on this ship having previously sailed on Oceana, Ventura and Azura (2). I am looking forward to this trip as I think it will probably be more relaxing than the larger ships, although we have enjoyed all of our cruises. Molly
  9. Have you all got the same cabin type/category? If not could it be that your cabin category has sold out but your sons has not? I don't know if this makes a difference, but I would contact P&O and find out what is happening Molly
  10. Hi Mike, Yes we are really looking forward to this. Already got some binoculars so that I can sit on the balcony looking for wild life - off the ship - that is. As there are only 700 passengers, I am sure we will bump into you, probably in a bar Molly
  11. Hi Mike, We have booked the Adonia in 2015 Caribbean/Orinoco/Amazon. We are really looking forward to the cruise but as we have only previously sailed on the Azura, Ventura and Oceana, I am hoping that we do not look/feel out of place. That said I think that it will be a more relaxed atmosphere as there are only around 700 passengers.
  12. We went on the Oceana to the Caribbean and Panama Canal in 2009 and absolutely loved it. We have since been on the Azura and the Ventura both of which were brilliant, but I liked the fact that with the Oceana being smaller it never seemed to be crowded and we loved the show lounge. I would sail on her again in a flash if she went back to the Caribbean. Definate thumbs up
  13. Quite agree about Azura, February will be our 3rd cruise on her, but we have treated ourselves to a balcony cabin this time, really looking forward to it. Molly
  14. Hello Harvey, Yes we were on 1st sitting as we went with Chris' dad and partner and they do not like to eat late. We have booked 2nd sitting ( I think ) on Adonia in 2015, but thought as we are on Azura without dad and partner we would give freedom a try. Molly
  15. We are trying freedom dining for the first time when we sail on the Azura next February. I agree that club dining is good regarding having the same dining companions and waiters, but like Sammy Sun, we did find that sometimes it was a rush to be ready for a fixed time and sometimes I wasn't hungry (not often:-)). So we thought we would give freedom a try this year, as next year on the Adonia they only have club. Molly
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