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  1. I agree a great guide - thanks Sir Cumference.
  2. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on how we might change our dining option and to those who say we could even get lucky - fingers crossed. To book the select fare would have cost an extra £200 per person - bonkers just to have the option to chose a preferred dining service. Perhaps P&O could change their business model to accommodate clients who want the freedom to choose their dining option, even perhaps at a small cost - but not £200 per person!
  3. Thanks RayO. Sounds like this service is arranged by P&O for the benefit of their ship's passengers. Will probably use it for the convenience it offers.
  4. Have booked a saver fare fly cruise to the Med onboard Oceana for later this year. Our preferred choice would be for "freedom dining" but understand we have no choice in this and will be allocated either 1st or 2nd sitting in the main dining room. Is it really impossible to change this, but if we could then how would we go about it? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Is the launch shuttle service to Saint Marks (referred to and booked onboard) operated by the "Alilaguna - linea blu" service, this costs €15 return? If not then any further information you could share would be great, thanks.
  6. Thanks David E - great suggestion and email now sent.
  7. Unfortunately the "help & advice" offered on the P&O website was something I actioned several days ago, this allowed me access to the cruise personaliser - via my Windows 8.1 laptop - but didn't prevent the appalling delays between responses and/or loss of connection to the webpages. Would anybody not encountering any problems be so kind as to advise what browsers and operating systems they are using.
  8. Thanks to everyone for their updates. Have tried several times to login today, sometimes I gain access temporarily only to then be confronted with a very lengthy delay followed by the error message "This page cannot be displayed". I am only trying to input my passport details! It sounds as though P&O IT support isn't up to the job if these problems have been ongoing for several days now. I am running Windows 8.1 on a 64-bit machine.
  9. Have tried several times over the last couple of days to access the P&O Cruise Personaliser only to be totally frustrated by the appallingly slow response times. Is anybody else having the same problem? I have a super fast BT infinity broadband connection and no other website I regularly access takes this long to respond. Come on P&O invest in some better IT, you want me to book trips in advance then don't have the infrastructure to deliver. I go on my next cruise in 2 months, will this give me sufficient time to print off my e-tickets!
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