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  1. We cruised in to St Petersburg last year and it is well worth trying to do as much as possible. There is so much to see you can only 'scratch the surface' but it is worth it. We went into which company to choose or whether to use a ships tour but eventually decided to use SPB tours. We were not disappointed they were excellent and we would use them again. They are authorised by the Russian authorities so there is no need to apply for a visa as they handle all necessary paperwork. They do not use large coaches but a fleet of smaller vehicles max 15 to a tour guide. We did not have to
  2. We were sceptical about sailing on her earlier this year so chose a one week cruise to the Fjords. We were unfortunate to be allocated a rear view cabin directly over the live lounge which was very noisy until very late (gone 1.30 in the morning). We did complain and they tried to deaden the bass and when this did not work they moved us to another cabin. This was our first cruise with P&O and so not sure how things would work out but we were very pleased with the way the staff handled our problem. She is a large ship but as others have said when on board she does not seem so large. We
  3. We were on Britannia a couple of months ago and had to move from the aft cabin we were in as the noise from the stage below went on until well after 1 am and we could not sleep. The only cabin available with a balcony was an obstructed balcony which we accepted. The top of the lifeboat came up to the bottom of the balcony so we could look straight out but not down. TBH it did not bother us that much and would possibly choose one depending on cost.
  4. You could be partially correct! We departed Venice headed for Istanbul but instead ended up picking up 130 illegals from a yacht and wasted hours in the process as when we were alongside and they were told we were instructed by the Greek coast guard to take them to Greece and not Italy, their preferred destination, they sailed away from us and it was approx 4 hours before we had them on board and then we were unable to move on our own until mid afternoon. As we had lost so much time we could not get to Istanbul and the cruise company made the decision to change itinerary and send us to Santo
  5. Personally I think tipping is getting out of hand with people falling into 2 categories those that do who often now seem to want to try and out tip others and those who are fed up and/or against it. We travel to America a lot and get fed up with the attitude towards tipping whereby it is expected even after we have received poor service it is much better when we visit New Zealand and tipping is not expected yet strangely we still receive excellent service often better than that we get in America.
  6. We were in Gdynia last July and when we docked had thought we would just have a walk around however, there were numerous taxis etc touting for business but we found a Hop on Hop off bus that was doing a straight forward trip to Gdansk and back with commentary and tour of Gydnia at the end. It was not that expensive and we all had a great day.
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