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  1. Love Jools! Would love to see him live, and on a ship would be even better!! Great partnership - hope more things like this start to happen!
  2. I absolutely think that the port authority there need to take some steps to reduce the numbers of passengers in port each day. They have to compromise on having the tourism without destroying the locals way of life, and the place itself!
  3. Hold on.... So you don't actually get to drink the wine. I'm out....
  4. I think they just forgot the F on the paperwork so just went with it... Actually, I love it..! A very pleasant name <3
  5. Oooh will be looking foward to watching this!!
  6. Is it just me that thinks $10 for a full week or more preferential treatment makes the barman a cheap date?! I don't generally think it's a good idea overall, the service should be the same for all passengers and by doing this the staff will better their chances of a more generous tip at the end perhaps.
  7. I like that instead of letting the moaners affect you, you have turned it into a humourous part of your holiday
  8. I've used one of these onboard Royal Caribbean, and actually it was fine. It was actually refreshing not to have to visit 'reception' every day to have my card reset as I am a nightmare for leaving it near my phone rendering it useless!!
  9. We have just had a letter from our school authority advising that the fines will no longer be issued in every case and that holiday requests will be taken on a case by case basis up to a week for reasonable leave requests but leave over 7 days will be declined & may incur the fines! So it seems Derbyshire at the least are relaxing this a little!
  10. 3 nighter booked for next September haha! Think she is converted!
  11. So after years of nagging I finally managed to persuade one of my friends to come along and try a cruise this weekend, and she has done a little review of it! Enjoy! Virgin cruiser here.... I'm sure there are a lot of people on here that have never cruised before and I've just survived my first experience so wanted to share this for those who are not sure. A little bit about me first, me and Poppy have been friends for around 9 years and for about 8 of those she's been trying to get me on board, I've constantly declined as I suffer terrible travel sickness, cars, b
  12. You could compare cruise ships to cars! They come in all different sizes, styles, some are colourful others quite plain. They all have their own unique features! Some are fairly basic, others very high-tec and innovative.. The most important word to consider when you are looking into cruises is RESEARCH! The internet is a knowledge fountain, you can find almost everything you need to know out about the ships..!
  13. I remain to be convinced! I am a massive fan of evolution and modernizing but I think it looks tacky!! Maybe the reality will be better than the CGI but currentl it isn't appealing... I think Celebrity are trying to take a leaf out of Anthem Of The Sea's/Harmony Of The Sea's type innovation but for me this just doesn't look great!
  14. Definitely!! Add's to the fun onboard, join in and be a part of it!! They will have activities and themed events for the kids and no doubt things for the grown up kids too!
  15. There is a helpful group on Facebook called 'P&O Cabins' where passengers have posted and continue to post photo's of cabins they have travelled in
  16. I think it's great that they have ventured to somewhere different, just hoping the new Caribbean itineraries have some different ports of call!!
  17. I can't comment on the particular cruise line that you are looking at as this isn't one we have done, however I am sailing with Fred Olsen in August on their small ship Braemar with my 12 & 4 year olds. I know they will enjoy the holiday despite there being few amenities onboard they will have swimming, days out & sunshine!
  18. I think this is such a positive step. As a parent of 2 children who frequently travels on my own with them it is not always possible to watch both of them at once! The knowledge that someone is 'on hand' should the worst happen would give me a greater sense of security and allow me to relax a little more whilst on holiday!
  19. This change came into effect towards the end of last year when they changed their T&C's Previously they took a more 'fluid' approach, and if you were outside of deposit loss point you could change your cruise to anything with no penalty, or cancel and receive deposit refund. As said this is no longer the case and changes are charged & new promotions will not be honoured.
  20. This isn't actually the case. Princess changed their T&C's recently, they stopped the deposit refunds and change of promo's. Even if contacted, generally speaking unless there are exceptional circumstances or a really horrendous change in pricing they will advise to cancel at loss of deposit and rebook the new fares. They will allow a change to the new fares but an admin fee of circa £100pp is payable to do this. They definitely will not just 'honor' the new pricing for anyone anytime I'm afraid! Poppy Bolsover
  21. Welcome to the Forum Liz! I would definitely recommend using an excursion booked through the ship, as you will be sure that they are aware of any mobility needs you may have & also that the trip is suitable for you! As Sammy Sun said, do log onto your Cruise Personaliser, or give P&O a call they will be able to advise you on the best trip available to you!
  22. Hi CJW First, welcome to the forum - I hope you find it informative! Secondly, with regards to your question of 'guarantee' - this depends entirely on a) which cruise line you are looking at and b ) what type of offer. Generally speaking, you are guaranteeing yourself a 'minimum' cabin type, rather than a particular grade of cabin. When you go on a guarantee offer generally speaking you are open to receive any cabin type above & beyond the minimum 'type' you have booked. With the dining again this depends entirely on the cruise line and the deal type. On Royal Caribbean
  23. That's me never going on an MSC then - they'd think a Yeti had escaped!
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