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  1. I’m sure it will work well for you and will hopefully speed up the boarding process. Have a great trip.
  2. Correct. I do know and never suggested that RCI had anything to do with the Carnival Group. If you read my previous note correctly I was merely suggesting why RCI may have used their US links to introduce online check-in for sometime before it was taken up in the UK. Not sure what the behaviour of the board of P&O and Princess has anything to do with this post and frankly, I’m not interested. 😩
  3. I said that the system used by Royal Caribbean is similar to the one used by the US government which they’ve used for some years. As Royal Caribbean are a US cruise line they obviously introduced it in a similar timescale. P&O are just catching up, also being part of the Carnival group, which is also Carnival owned. Incidentally, if you are sailing from Southampton to New York you definitely need an ESTA though that was not the point of my initial comment. I was just suggesting a similarity in the registration devices being used.
  4. Royal Caribbean presumably have used a system similar to the US Homeland Immigration use to tie in withe ESTA’s.
  5. I agree with the OP completely. Furthermore, people also seem to think it is OK to sit by the aisle so that they can rush out at the end of a show or presentation in the theatre before the performance or speaker has finished. This in my oinion is also extremely rude and selfish but sadly this sums up some of the mindless people who choose to cruise. Sorry to go on but rant now over.
  6. Sadly, you will never please all the people all the time. We returned from a cruise on Arcadia last week and I have to say that the semi formal nights, where a majority of men were wearing an ill fitting jacket without a tie. This made a mockery of a dress code which is intended to be smarter than evening casual. Have P&O now removed mirrors from most cabins or do the men not get a chance to check themselves out in the mirror before leaving their cabins as the ladies are all making their final touches? Ladies, you all looked great :-) What I am trying to say is that, while I think
  7. Just read all the thread and afraid comments made reflect our own experience on Arcadia from which we returned last week. We were on Freedom dinning and when the same couple appeared on our table after having had to put up with their moaning on a previous evening, I had to point out that I was very much enjoying the ship and the cruise and the only thing that on occasions broke into the enjoyment of the cruise was people who continuously moaned about their dislikes to other passengers. That was the last we heard from the 'moaners' as a short starp comment seemed to shut them up. I suggest all
  8. We didn't receive one when we rose to the dizzy heights of Atlantic tier, nor did we get a voucher for our sailaway bubbly either. Most importantly, I had to contact P&O on return from our first qualified cruise to get a refund on our onboard spending at the 7.5% rate. Looking forward to seeing all these wonderful enhancements when we rise to Mediterranean tier later this year. Oh the excitement!
  9. Thanks for that SammySun It would seem to make a late deal on 'cruise only' a lot more complicated and fraught with problems. I can see the benefit of booking flights separately in order to take in some of the embarkation port before sailing but think that a late deal booked through Bolsover may not be the best option if they cannot also offer flight bookings. I think under those circumstances, I would consider going to a travel agent who could do the whole booking as presumably the deal would be open to any travel agent to book if available.
  10. I was just looking at a cruise only deal and wondered if anyone has ever booked a flight to coincide with one of these deals but used Bolsover to make the arrangements. Do Bolsover book flights separately or leave that up to the individual?
  11. The problem with automatic tips is that there is also an expectation from some staff for an additional tip anyway. We were lucky enough to spend a month in the Caribbean in January on a 'back to back' and decided to pay the automatic tip for the first fortnight and then to opt out for the second two weeks and instead divide what would have been paid automatically to those members of staff whom we felt deserved the money most. Our cabin steward had been particularly good and was genuinely delighted with his share of the tip and we felt good about handing it to him personally.
  12. A couple of years ago, we were on Azura in the Med and had two force 11's during the cruise! On the same trip, the Bay of Biscay way almost flat calm. I've crossed the Atlantic when it has been like a millpond and on other occasions when it has beee a bit lumpy. As others state here, you pay your money and take your chance. Possibly if you are not sure, you may be better taking one of the many river cruises now available. Good luck if you decide to stick with it though and I do sympathise with your concern. The best advice I can give is to book a cabin low down and midships where there i
  13. That is interesting Irene. We are booked on Azura from 9th January 2015 and I reserved two Premium Club seats online last week. We didn't book through Bolsover this time so maybe that made a difference!
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