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  1. Could I just ask what ship you are sailing on and did you book your drinks package when you booked your cruise.We didn't book our package when we booked the cruise as we were told we could add the package at our leisure but what they didn't say was they were going to make changes to the drinks packages .We wanted to book the the all inclusive restaurant and bar package which we had last cruise We are currently in disagreement with MSC over this as they say that package no longer exists.They also say they have the right to make changes without informing customers. My argument is, if that packa
  2. We feel your pain. Any drink up to €6 when nearly all cocktails are more than €6 is a joke. I’ve emailed MSC to let them know how I feel. We booked with MSC on the strength of the value for money we got from last years ultimate drinks and ice cream package. This will be our last cruise with MSC
  3. We booked a canaries cruise on Marella Dream in March. Does anyone know how much the drinks packages are . I can’t find anything on their website
  4. We booked canaries cruise on Marella Dream this coming March.Our price doesn’t include a drinks package. Does anyone know how much it would be to purchase a drinks package
  5. Has anyone ever used Cruise Excursions.com for private tours? They guarantee port pick up and return and an assurance that they will always get you back to the ship. Just wanted to know if this was true, were visiting Colombo inMarch 2018
  6. My wife and I are booked on a P and O cruise on Arcadia next year calling in at the Indian port of Mormugao.Recently I received a email from Iglu whom we booked the cruise through that we would require a visa to enter the country. Naively we were unaware of this but I believe Iglu should have informed us of this when we booked the cruise.We visited the CIBT website and it appears it will cost s £110 pp for the visa. We ask ourselves is it worth it for one day . Opinions please
  7. My wife and I have booked a P and O cruise on Arcadia next year which calls in at the Indian port of Mormugao. Recently we received a email from Iglu whom we booked the cruise through informing us that to enter the country we will require a visa. Naively we were unaware of this and I am of the opinion that Iglu should have informed us when we booked the cruise . We went on the CIBT website and it appears it will cost us £110 pp for a visa .We ask ourselves is it worth it for one day.Any thoughts?
  8. We are thinking of booking an Oceania cruise but have just seen that gratuities will cost over half of the on board credit. Well over $400 Can we opt out or amend?
  9. Thanks folks.This makes sense.Still concerned about the virus though
  10. My wife and I are booked on a P and O cruise on Oceana on the 19th of October.I happened to notice last week the cruise was taken off sale so we assumed the cruise was sold out.Over the last couple of days the cruise went back on sale again with all types of cabins available.Why would this be?.We had an email from P and O yesterday stating their had been a small outbreak of Norovirus onboard ship and extra sanitation measures were being put in place.Could people be cancelling,hence cabins were back on sale.
  11. My wife and I are considering splashing out next year on a Azamara club cruise.It's pushing our budget to the limit . Has anyone tried this cruise line before and how did you find it?
  12. Cruise critic site now saying that Cunard have cancelled Istanbul visit and we are now going to Thessalonika and Volos instead.I've had nothing official yet but if it's true I'm relieved. Thanks folks for your replies
  13. Thanks everyone for their input. Even if Cunard do decided to go ahead and dock in Istanbul i am seriously considering staying onboard ship now.I personally think they should omit Istanbul from the itinerary and call at another port.It's a shame but safety of all aboard ship is paramount
  14. We are due to call at Istanbul on our Cunard cruise in 2 weeks time,after today's news of further terrorist trouble ,in the name of safety should Cunard omit this from our itinerary.We are now beginning to be concerned
  15. Hi Sammy.Thanks for the reply.We have been on many cruises and have never booked a saver price.As you mentioned,if we want a decent cabin location and specific dining we must book a select price,plus at the moment they are offering £400 per cabin obc.Im tempted by this offer.We love the Caribbean it's so laid back. Not sure if you've been or not but try it
  16. My wife and I are looking to book a p and o Caribbean cruise around November time.We have been quoted well in excess of £2000 for a select price and around £1700 for a early saver,usual rules applying.This is for a balcony cabin and Manchester flights.My question is,if we leave to the last minute as long as there is availability,in other people's experiences would the price come down further
  17. Thanks everyone for the input.At this moment in time with bombings fresh in my mind , I wouldn't mind a change of itinerary.Im sure as many of you have said if their is any chance of further trouble, Cunard would change the itinerary
  18. We are booked on queen Victoria for a 2 week cruise in July. We are scheduled for a 2 day stop in Istanbul.After today's trouble,should I be worried?
  19. Thanks for the info and the best wishes but just read 1 of 2 the unions involved has called the strike off so fingers crossed ,no delay
  20. Heard on the news today that beginning tues 24th for 1 week French air traffic control are going on strike.On weds we fly from Manchester to Genoa for a 2 week med cruise on Ventura .We look like having a delay at least .Its a Thomas Cook flight chartered through P and O.Anyone ever been delayed on a fly cruise and what happened.Also, anyone one else on this cruise.
  21. eu up from rainy Rotherham,your friend from over the viaduct.
  22. Just booked on the Ventura this summer and it calls at Civitavecchia for Rome.We have cruised from Civitavecchia before and I know its over an hour away from Rome.Has anyone any advice on how to do a tour to Rome without doing an expensive ships tour .
  23. Does any one think that P & O will drop their prices nearer to the sail away date?. With the on board credit offers do you think it's worth waiting or booking now? Also has anyone used Tesco points and do you still get the on board credit if using the vouchers/points.?
  24. Mine is Greg Lake .I believe in father Christmas.TUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE
  25. Just got back from a Caribbean cruise on ventura.We booked it 12 months ago and paid full price.Loads of people onboard took advantage of the £999 price.We felt a little cheated by P and O .The ship was only 2 thirds full though.I wondered if that was the norm for a end of November cruise.We managed to get upgraded from a outside cabin to a balcony for £50 pp .Had great time and cant wait to go again
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