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  1. 14 nights on a 'Premium Cruise line', not to mention the flag ship of Cunard for just under 800 Quid ! plus a headliner like 'Natalie Cole' thrown in ! and you still expect a shuttle bus to take you to Manhattan.! Maybe , you have after all, moved out of your comfort zone, whatever previous cruise company that was. £789 for a round trip ,and you have a Beef ! Wait until you have to pay 15% service charge on all drinks in the Bars . Lol
  2. As a Cunader I'm about to come out of my comfort zone and have booked one of the Maiden Voyages on the Koningsdam for next April 2016. It's their claim to have a dance floor to match Cunard that has attracted me, and at the same time, I'm feb up of hearing just how good their food is , but I doubt it'll match Cunard. So far I'm not too pleased with their shore side Admin ...no pre voyage info at all ..just a receipt for the booking..... and I had to chase them up for that.
  3. Oooops should read ...3rd stool facing the Bar, which is on the left .....Starboard on the right .if I swing me stool around !
  4. Hello Sinbad ! ' have you done the right thing' ??? hello !!!!!....... You are talking here several days in pure luxury ! and not too mention "A Headliner" like 'Natalie Cole' not forgetting you are sailing on Cunard's Flag ship ! ...you don't get the like's of this on Thomson ! I'll be onboard also ..look out for me ... 3rd stool at the Bar from the left ( starboard side ) Commodore Bar 7.30pm every evening ! lol
  5. Not the only one my dear, I've just manage to come back too ... Sooooo many forums and pass words it's hard to keep up . Quite right to write em down ... but then, where did I keep them lol
  6. Sorry for giving wrong information, I too am disappointed it doesn't appear to be listed for this evening.. I've been given the wrong information from one of the guys who happened to be filming up in Liverpool the other day. Maybe he said, "it's also going to be shown on BBC 2"
  7. For goodness sake is it me ? or is this not the most ' unfriendly user forum site' to get around on ? Can't admin make things simple please ...taken me ages to work out how to get into Solent Richards review/bog site .
  8. Another Cunarder stepping out of his comfort zone Well if you can't beat em, join em ! ...I've just had a telephone call from someone called Becky ? apparently I showed an interest (on line) of visiting the Eclipse . Just accepted an invite for a day visit on sunday 14th June.
  9. And so you should Tally ..Go on and give QM2 a go ! ( but only a transatlantic for a start !) it's a magnet for well heeled & well travelled folk ( not to mention numerous celebrities ) You never know who you're gonna see jogging past you on the promenade deck
  10. Quite correct RiverSong ...after all this is Cunard ...Only a few months ago (and I was on it, QM2, August 27th ) we were all treated to the Legendary James Taylor.
  11. I don't think so hurtle ! That's Certainly not the case on Cunard QM2.....James Taylor, Sting & IL Divo just to name a few ..and I'm not talking tribute bands here ! (been there seen em )
  12. Not to mention the Legendary 'James Taylor' 40 Gold , Platinum & Multiplatinum awards + 5 Grammy awards and the list goes on and on . ( as on my last QM2 Voyage departing NYC on 27th August 2014 ) I think Shilly needs to get out a bit more , after all this is Cunard we are talking about.
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