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  1. Hello.  Glad you are still hoping to get away on a couple of cruises next year,  let's keep fingers crossed that we can all be able to get back on board within the next few months.  Would send a personal message,  but I can't see the facility to do that anymore. 


    1. Anchors-aweigh


      Good to hear from you. We have literally just stopped the first cruise [5th April -Aurora] as we saw little or no chance for the going ashore unescorted protocol. If we cannot do what we want then as far as we are concerned it's an expensive time just staying aboard at so many ports. We have the Sept cruise to the Baltic -and then we moved the Aurora option forward into 2022 for a cruise on the Arcadia. Jim.

  2. It's been interesting to read all the posts here. The forum pre 2020 was often home to a lot of moans and groans about the cruise experience, often quite justified. Having now had 3 cruises cancelled due to the pandemic, I would be delighted to be on any cruise anywhere, (provided it is safe of course). Haven't tried to book anything new because of uncertainty and the price hikes mentioned. We do have an existing booking for Christmas 2021 and just keeping fingers crossed that we are in a better place by then. Hope all forum members are keeping safe and well.
  3. When we have had an overnight stay at the Barbados cruise terminal there have been taxis around in the evening and I have seen fellow passengers use them. As always in the Caribbean if there is a demand for a service there will be a supply!
  4. Our last bar bill on a recent 14 night P and O cruise was less than £500 for 2 of us and we felt we had plenty of alcohol included in that, so like many others on the forum, this is not for us. I have never cruised where there is a drinks package or all inclusive on offer. I wonder if this leads to more incidences of irresponsible behaviour?
  5. On Aurora in April 2019, just after the change to adult only. Doesn't bother me if it's adults only or not, as we cruise outside school holidays so it tends to mainly be adults on board anyway. I shall be interested to find out what the kid's club space will be used for. My guess is a speciality restaurant, such as the Epicurean.
  6. Haven't worked out number of days, but we have one at Christmas, one April 2019 and just booked one for 2020, which is over 21 months away.
  7. We have just returned from a 35 night cruise on Ventura. Took 2 litres of gin in the suitcase. We were not asked by check in or security staff if we had alcohol, although we know the suitcase would be scanned. At the first port we were asked if we had purchased alcohol. It seemed to be a policy of honesty, as bags were not searched and scanning had taken place ashore. After that, we were never asked about alcohol and at one port we brought on a bottle of wine which we drank in the cabin. At the end of the cruise we put on the questionnaire that the policy was unfair to passengers on longe
  8. Hi Sunnygirl, We have done 2 Christmas cruises with P and O. The first in 2010 was a complete disaster. An adult only ship sailing from Southampton to the Mediterranean, it was like spending Christmas in an older persons home. Add to that poor weather and an outbreak of Norovirus and you get the picture..... However in 2016 we tried again on Azura in the Caribbean and we loved it. I thought that there was a great Christmas atmosphere on board and there was a really good age range on the ship. My favourite thing was the nativity play performed by the children. It was a real hoot! And
  9. Oh heck! Just heard about this on the news. It's a port of call on a cruise we are doing next month. It's probably my least favourite place in the Caribbean anyway and we are booked on a tour as we never feel safe there. However, not all passengers will have booked a tour and I wonder if they will be confined to the ship? Does anyone have experience of going to anywhere on a cruise where a state of emergency has been declared? What is likely to happen? I don't know if the itinerary can be changed at this stage. It's already been changed to accommodate avoiding islands with hurricane damage.
  10. Sorry to add to the misery, but we have just returned from a holiday in Madeira and norovirus is prevalent in the resort at the moment, so keep up the hygiene routine when ashore there too.
  11. We had our tours brochure and luggage tickets very early for a cruise on Adonia in September, probably about 8 weeks before sailing. I know that we should be environmentally friendly and "go green" by printing off our own labels but I love receiving the personalized brochure. It's part of the holiday!
  12. What? No fancy dress? How will I manage as I wear my Wonder Woman costume permanently. Or perhaps I am the only one who can see it ?
  13. Martinique is a lovely island. If you are going here due to the changes, bear in mind that the currency is the Euro and it tends to be a little bit more expensive than most other Caribbean islands.
  14. Just got off Adonia this morning. It was very sad when the captain announced the sale of the ship to the passengers and crew. The crew have taken it very well, it seems that those with contracts beyond March are to be transferred to Britannia or Azura as they will be in the Caribbean at the time.
  15. I join with other forum members in feeling so sorry for the people of the wonderful Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma. Sadly, there may be worse to come with Hurricane Jose following on. I wonder if the cruise companies will help in any way e.g. by donating funds to reconstruction projects?
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