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    P&O's Oriana goes Feb 2018!
  2. Chubbs


    i couldn'y agree more!! Well done Bolsover
  3. Congratulations to Bolsover!
  4. i'm joining the Azura A704 17/02/2017 is it worth paying to pre book my flight seats?
  5. taking my daughter on-board RCI, we have diffrent surnames - anyone know exaxctly what i need to take with me other than her birth certificate
  6. So excited for my next cruise, anyone else joining me?
  7. surly no re-fit this soon!
  8. the staff are long standing on the Oceana, they are very experienced
  9. Oceana is more personal, the service is better. i think theres a nicer warmer feel to the oceana than ventura.
  10. I agree - no class system to worry about!!
  11. Chubbs


    What do people think to MSC?
  12. Did you Blondie? Tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I really wish to do a viking river cruise, anyone recently been?
  14. i'd love to do viking river cruising!!
  15. I did this cruise in May of this year & loved every minute of it!!!!!!
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