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  1. Oh really...so all adding to the cost of spending money ect. I have to agree that alot of the features on board are amazing!
  2. I have seen the pictures, i think you are right and they will fit somewhere near Royal Caribbean and NCL but then again they could suprise us!
  3. Royal Caribbean are spending £150m on a private island escape in the Bahamas for their passengers that is set to feature the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, the tallest waterslide in North America and a hot air balloon offering aerial tours of the Bahamas. From the photos it looks like they’ll be some relaxation areas too but isn’t it all a bit much? They’ve already turned most of their latest ships into entertainment hubs and now their investing all this money into this. How long before the traditional cruise is dead?
  4. I have to say I do have a wonder around the shops on board but very rarely buy anything as others have said the prices are not that attractive but I must say I do like to have a little look at what's on offer and can imagine the atmosphere in the atrium being pretty non existant if the shops are closed.
  5. I would say it is a postitive as they obviously are not willing to release a ship that tey are completely satisfied with.
  6. I would definitely get ready to disembark for a change of scenery, saying that i suppose the ships we are seeing have so many different areas within the one ship, I have been on Harmony of the seas and there was so much going on I didn't know where to look or what to do next. I am not sure I could do a full week I would be ready for a holiday!
  7. I would love to try Symphony, I went on Harmony when she was in Southampton and had a fab time so would love to give Symphony a try! I would like to see them all to be honest.....just need to get saving some pennies!!!
  8. I wouldn't pay for a sun bed.....not a chance. I remember going away a few years ago to somewhere in Turkey and the owner hated people leaving towels on beds to 'reserve' them, he would throw peoples towels into the pool if they were left there....good on him i say!
  9. Sounds as though you had a fab time!
  10. Fab review! Thank you for sharing
  11. I always thought three hours for long haul and two for short.
  12. loz6

    Cunard in Alaska?

    These itineraires look amazing!
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