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  1. what ever you say you must know what your talking about....you must have read it and off course you must know more than the leading scientist they was quoting..its all a matter of choice ..people can take you serious or the can take the mail and a leading scientist serious....
  2. hi..googel it just put in 16 cruise ships.. dailey mail for one..but there is lots up there... could all be a load of rubbish just like the passive smoking numbers...lots have admitted they told porkeys becase of the stigma and they had smoked in the passed ... some because the thought they would not get prompt treatment...and then the ones who had private ins but told porkyes to save $
  3. just a bit about us...we are a family and some friends one is very very well known and liked all over the world possibly more well known than h.r.h.... now in his 70s smoked all his life but not in public and loves to cruise but the anti smoking brigade has messed it up for him also so he is well p....d off ..he cant smoke on his balcony and he cant smoke public ...your loss n.c.l
  4. yes now you have it ....its just the cruise lines know it and have done for years they are the worst of the worst ...just think waiters etc up high near that funnel paid next to nothing by the lines but most work in it all day and no health cover ..no anything come to that ..next time you cruise wait till late in the day and run a white hanky over the table or hand rails outside .... does it matter if its cigs or that funnel that makes us a passive smoker...its all about smoking and that funnel is a smoker it blows smoke in you face all day every day and not just for a few mins 24/7....yes so
  5. Back again, sorry, regulations are being put in place. We know what is going on in the States etc with some of the cruise lines agreeing to do more but this has only come about by the pressure that environmental friendly groups have put on the governments etc. All of this is very recent. Several cruise lines so far have done absolutely nothing and as you know sometimes saying and doing are two different things. Pressure must be kept up.
  6. Try looking at NABU (Campaign for a Cleaner Cruise Industry) or THIS STINKS CLEAN UP CRUISE SHIPS. I think that this site explains everything. As we stated earlier, some of the things that you have said are exactly what would like to see done but whether they can afford to do it is another thing.
  7. Hi seawitch, Read your message about an hour ago and four of us have been looking on the internet and all we can really find on the subject mainly talks about sewerage waste. Once a cruise ship is out the twelve mile limit, there are no regulations regarding the fuel that they use. You could try searching (AIR POLLUTION CAUSED BY CRUISE SHIPS) as of course cruise ships cause many forms of pollution. If you do that I am sure that you will find reports from all over the world, Hong Kong, Sydney, Florida, Seattle and Dover, the list goes on and on. Some of you may have seen on the news just
  8. hi seawitch ... no regulations ...look on the net and you will be very very surprised....
  9. hi fudge well the ball is rolling now .. we have put our local port under pressure and looks like we are getting somewhere they have started to measure the fall out from the cruise ships .......... and I know other ports all over the world are starting to do the same ...if your interested look on the net loads up there
  10. yes well said tally if someone feels that strongly about there health DONT CRUISE..and if you feel that strongly about the e.cig and balcony ban DONT CRUISE.....but one thing tally it looks like you think we was on there fun or our own enjoyment ?....we was not ..did we enjoy the cruise? yes we did .look at it like this I have a dog I take it for a walk if it poos I bag it up ....I don't leave the mess behind for someone else....[but some people do]...its the same thing as cruising it leaves pollution and allsorts of mess for others ..but by putting the cruise lines under pressure to clean up
  11. This is all you seem to see on here and other sites - 'I' and 'ME'. So I will start this off about me - I am not a me, I am a group of people, some are smokers, some are not. Yes, we cruise - the last cruise was on the NCL Spirit in a Penthouse Suite and just before that the Owners Suite on the NCL Jade. We wanted to book the Garden Suite but the King & Queen of ******* and their family had booked it (NCL spy that is on this site - you can easily check this now). We have cruised many times but we also support the group of people who are putting the cruise companies under pressure to c
  12. Morning all, Just popped back to see what comments have been left. Re. dark ages - no of course not, that is not at all what we are about, we are just trying to make sense of the whole thing. Someone asked am I a smoker, forgot to answer - I suppose the best thing to say is it is not 'I', it is 'we', could call us a family. Some smoke, some don't, but I have got to be honest, the non-smokers are fully in support on the smokers when it comes to banning smoking on balconies (an open air space) and the banning of electronic cigarettes etc. 'because it could look like you are smoking'. So far
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