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  1. There has been much in the news this week about the new UK/EU payment regulations (taking effect 13th Jan 2018) by which companies will thereafter no longer be allowed to add a surcharge for credit card payments. Does anyone (on this forum or at Bolsover) know whether this rule will be adhered to when paying for a cruise? Will the cruise companies (or Bolsover) levy a "surcharge" or some other ingenious "extra" to recoup the money they will lose by this change? Is it allowed to add "extras" if the price has already been agreed and invoiced?
  2. In late July 2016 I booked a 2017 cruise with Bolsover and was charged 1.5% on my credit card deposit. Now I read in this morning's paper that as and from 4th July 2016 card suppliers are only allowed to charge a maximum of 0.3% on credit card transactions. Does this mean a) Bolsover is not aware of this, and/or Bolsover is still being charged by the card companies more that the rules allow and so is passing on that cost to booking customers and/or c) Bolsover is now being charged 0.3% but is still charging customers at the old rate of 1.5%? Anyone else noticed this? A comment from Bols
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