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  1. I will never understand why people feel the need to discuss how much you paid!!!!! Just enjoy your holiday
  2. my first cruise was on Oceana, always think you like the first ship you went on
  3. I am sure this will sell out, my partner would love to go on the Masters one!!
  4. I wouldn't book a cruise with no ports, as much as I like sea days the ports are a big thing for me.
  5. I used a European one also have a nice time
  6. I think this is a brilliant idea, would ever of considered taking children before but would 100% now
  7. do you think this makes people cancel more frequently because its a lower amount??
  8. nice idea but not sure what I think to bacon and chocolate together
  9. I love love im a celeb, can't wait for it to start
  10. i also sticked witht he classic and everything we wanted we could have anyway
  11. been on Oceana a couple of times and love the ship, much more personal feel to the ship and so friendly
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