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  1. Would that I could walk there Ron but Sheffield to Southampton is stretching things even for me. In fact a couple of weeks ago I could have walked it quicker than the coach got us there as there was a major incident on the motorway just after we boarded the coach at Woodall Services to join the Britannia. We left the service station at 9.00am and at 12 o'clock we were passing Chesterfield crooked spire having had to leave the motorway and take a massive detour. For those not familiar with the location, the centre of Chesterfield is about 30mins from Sheffield City centre and about the same
  2. My comment may have appeared "gushing" but it was my opinion of the week on Britannia. Yes some may have a problem with waiting for lifts and the fact there is no central staircase but this did not bother us, we happily walked to the forward or aft staircases as we enjoy walking, after all Mother Nature gave us feet for walking not to work foot pedals in cars as some people seem to think, so we left the lifts for those who really needed them. On the subject of lifts, one thing that did disappoint me was the number of children and young adults using them, no wonder we have an obesity problem wi
  3. We returned today from a week on Britannia and I would say to anyone thinking of going on her don't think about it DO IT. We have had an amazing week and loved everything about it. We are booked on Magellen in July and Ventura in October and are a little concerned that the Britannia has spoilt us for future cruises and they will be a let down after Britannia.
  4. We have not been on Spendida but a friend of ours has been on 2 cruises and she loved it. We have been on Magnifica and that was brilliant and we would certainly go with MSC again but I doubt it will be on Splendida. We were delighted to hear it would be going from Southampton which is great but then we saw the itineraries i.e. British Isles and Norway we have done a few times and not in a hurray to do again (the world is a big place).
  5. Hubbie & I are 2 of the "loyal passengers" who are gradually transferring to p&o. We have taken 10 cruises with Thomson but this year have already got 2 p&o's booked. We have noticed that Thomsons prices are more often than not more than other cruise lines these days and the prices for the newly acquired Discovery are silly prices for the age of the ships, although we will still do Thomson cruises because their crew and entertainment are the best we have come across, we will only book "bargains".
  6. Too true Ron. My mum has survived Cancer, 2 heart attacks and a slight stroke and last year celebrated her 90th birthday by having a party on a barge trip down the Sheffield Canal (it was much better than it sounds, I can highly recommend it if you live in this area) and even managed to have a dance or two to the brilliant singer we hired. She said it was the best birthday she had ever had and would like to do it again for her 100th. Now that's spirit.
  7. Anyone see the article in today's Daily Mail about AOTS : Formal dining returns after cruise mutiny: customers force holiday company to bring back traditional sittings after complaints over eat what you like when you like policy.
  8. Couldn't agree more, well said Shetlander. We have had some good Cruise Directors & Captains and I cannot remember any of their names but we have had some brilliant stewards and waiters who's name we will always remember, all of which incidentally were on Thomson ships, old buckets they may be but the best crew ever. One girl in particular on Thomson Majesty, Maryann, was a brilliant mimic and had accents off to a t. She picked up straight away that we were from Yorkshire (though I swear we don't have accents!!!!!!!) and whenever she brought our drinks would say that well known and oft us
  9. I believe Cruise and Maritime's Magellan is adult only or at least it is when we go on it in July.
  10. Hi Tinkerbell. Many thanks for this info. It is the first time by coach for us too so we will wait and see. as long as it gets us there and back ok not too worried about anything else.
  11. Hi Tinkerbell, did you go with Intercruise from and back to Woodall Service Station? We are going with them in May to go on Britannia so it is good to know you were back as early as you were.
  12. I'm with you on that one Cornish girl, my better half?????? doesn't dance and I love to do so, escorts would be brilliant. The entertainment staff on MSC Magnifica were very good at wandering around and getting people up to dance and before you knew it there would be a whole crowd of people dancing together, although they were not technically dance escorts.
  13. Pity it's an April fool joke, I would love a jet fighter simulator ride. It's probably on Royal Caribbean to-do-list.
  14. Too right Oldworldtraveler, if we worried about everything that may happen in life we wouldn't dare get out of bed in a morning but we wouldn't dare stay in it for fear of getting bed sores. As the old saying goes "don't let the b*****d's grind you down". What happened in Tunisia and what is happening in other parts of the world is dreadful but I feel we owe it to those who have lost their lives or who have had their lives damaged to make the very best we can of ours. Stay safe out there and as OWT says, carry on cruising.
  15. I wish someone would do those things for me, instead of making me feel old and decrepit it would make me feel valued and cosseted.
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