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  1. We are in that '70s' category and have a B2B booked for Jan 2021, including insurance. Since our last cruise ended 01/12/2020 it would be almost one year, which is much to long a wait not to be on the high seas. We can only hope things will be okay by then.
  2. David, you stay safe as well!
  3. How is the toilet paper situation over there? It's not very good over here in the colonies!😲😲
  4. Just happened to pop in here for a peek and saw this thread. Still trying to retire to maybe travel more but it's just not working out. We would love to cruise to the UK and then over to Normandy. Just not in the cards for now. We did cruise last month--an 8 day Eastern Carib out of Charleston and we have worked out a B2B for New Year 2020 out of New Orleans on the Carnival Glory. Wishing all forum members well and especially for Davybe!
  5. KeithnRita


    Merry Christmas to all!
  6. Our 10 day Journey Cruise on the Carnival Fantasy Sept 17 to 27, 2018 included passage thru the canal into the lake for about 3 hours and then back thru.
  7. We watched it the other night. The movie is just so-so but the location held our interest.
  8. One month away--April 29, 2018 Carnival Miracle from Tampa to Western Caribbean
  9. Merry Christmas to all and happy cruising for those heading out to the high seas! We head out to sea 12/30/2017 for a New Year cruise on the Norewgian Pearl.
  10. Live ballroom music played in the evening at the Ocean Bar on most HAL Ships.
  11. On Carnival if you are diamond or platinum your cabin will be ready as soon as you board. We just turned platinum with them about a year ago.
  12. Our Key West and Bahama cruise starts Sunday. It's now become a mystery cruise as most likely we end up on the western side of the Gulf. That's okay with us just as long as we are on a ship. We can't help but feel a little guilty for those suffering from Harvey and for those who live in the path of Irma. Our prayers to all!
  13. Our completed cruises are listed below in the order of our favorite to least favorite. Recently we have been heavy on Carnival since they have more convenient to us ports of embarkation. Also we are now platinum so the perks are better! Actually there is not that much of a difference to us in our favorite to least favorite. So far all have been very good and better. At the present time we have two 7 day cruises booked on Carnival and one 8 day cruise on Norwegian. Celebrity = 4 (38 days) Holland America = 10 (77 days) Carnival = 13 (83 days) Princess = 2 (17 days) Royal Car
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