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  1. I had a fantastic trip on Oceana. Though it was smaller than the last ship I was on didn't feel compromised in anyway. The crew had to be the friendliest I have ever had the pleasure of sailing with. The same for our fellow passangers. Would not hesitate to choose her again if the intinary was one I liked. The ports were brilliant. Two 1sts for me Kotor and Corfu and both exceeded any expectations I had. We were unfortunately unable to dock in Civitavecchia. Loved the acts we had The Opera Boys were fantastic. Think that the Headliners finished on this cruise and a new company joined aroun
  2. Thus is my sisters 1st cruise! Am sure she will love it. am beginning to get really excited. It's my 1st fly cruise.... Am sure I will enjoy it.
  3. Our first came about in 1998. We should have been planning a trip with friends to Orlando. Things changed and as I had always spoke about going on a cruise hubby suggested we try Oriana. It was a dream come true. Our children were 9 and 5 and both loved it.
  4. We join the ship the following week in Venice! Are you on for 14 nights?
  5. I have used escape travel card. It's really easy to top up. From memory amounts over £100 equivalent currency withdrawal is free.
  6. We are flying out Jet2 schedule and have 22kg hold and 10 kg hand. Our return is Jet2 chartered but P&O and it drops to 20kg hold and 5kg hand. They have obviously gone for the cheaper option for the returning passengers
  7. Now know lots of people will be joining us,.......surley some people here must be going?? Wee meet up in Metropolis 1st sea day 11.25am.......hood to meet some more people then......
  8. I still like my tickets and labels sent to me. They used to be colour coded for the deck you were on and you just wrote your cabin number on them. Don't P&O send these out anymore?
  9. I alway thought that dressing up was one of the plus points on cruise holidays. We are a very casually dressed couple who really enjoy getting dressed for dinner. Adds to the glamour and excitement of a cruise.
  10. That's a tough one to answer. I think we all favour and use as a base for comparison. I loved P&O and have had 3 cruises with them. Have 2 booked this year so am really hoping standards haven't changed much. Friends say Royal Caribbean....can't fault them. Might try them. Again now sailing from Southampton makes them more appealing. Other friends say Thonson are superb. Wrongly I assumed they would be much cheaper than P&O and was surprised they are sometimes more expensive. Again might try them. Other friends say Cunard..... Think this is where we get to express our individuality wit
  11. I think it's what most people want. I'm sure many people are caught out with what's not included in Cruise prices and how varied they can be across cruise lines.
  12. 1st time I have booked a holiday, paid for it in 1 month and booked trips for 4 stops.....weeks before we go! Think my big sister is a wee bit excited.
  13. Well booked Montinegro Riviera, Corfu Sights and Winery and Panoramic Rome. Will wait and see for Monte Carlo.
  14. I have hopefully sent you a PM! Thanks x
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