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  1. So what else would you steal?
  2. I have used a Post Office Credit Card for a long time. I just keep it for holidays as there is no charges on foreign currency as long as it is cleared straight away.
  3. We have had a balcony about 4/5 times since 1984 even after our Ruby and Golden Wedding cruises we agreed that It had been a waste of money as we slept, washed. showered and changed in it. That was all, because we are people persons. We like to be involved in a lot of the activities as well as out on deck. We are not sun worshipers but find there is never enough time to do everything offered on board.
  4. Rubbish 18 cruses with Fred out of over 80 cruises overall. twice had a balcony. Prefer to mix with other passengers, I am not a stick in the mud. You will get more chest infections on P & O
  5. I pay the upfront charge of £4 a day then add on token amounts for certain members of staff. This amount is nothing for your Waiter and his assistant, Cabin Steward and their helper. 4 people. there are other members of the Staff whom one might become friendly with, especially when one cruises frequently. A few years ago it was more than this on P&O and the American ships but I stick to Fred Olsen now.
  6. Have booked 4 cruises for this year and bought the drinks package with the cruises. 1 or 2 shandies or tonics on deck depending on the weather, a glace of wine some days at lunch, a G&T before dinner followed by a glass of wine with dinner,then a G&T during the show and a Brandy at bed time. These are my Maximum drinks and they would have cost me over £25 buying on board, so I think that £10 a day as it was and the increased price of £15 is still very good value. These are Fred Olsen prices. No extra Percentage added as on the American ships
  7. Fred Olsen do a White Glove served Afternoon Tea certain days in the Observatory Lounge. Every day there is afternoon tea in the buffet area. self service.
  8. A lot depends on what you want and your experience.I have been cruising since 1984 and done over 70 cruises on 9 lines, Started small 200 passengers then worked up to fairly big on one line went back to smallish for 10 years back to big then back to smallish over to big again but now loyal to smallish. had top loyalty membership with Swan Hellenic, Royal Carabbean, P & O. Fred Olsen but tried 3 other smallish lines and 2 other big lines. I have to say I am now very loyal to Fred Olsen because I do not have to travel to the South of England. Their food is excellent, They are very caring es
  9. This one of the reasons that I stopped sailing with P & O. also they almost ignore the disabled. I now sail primarily with Fred Olsen. Their staff are helpful considerate and go out of their way to help the disabled. At £4 a day (£2 for cabin steward and assistant and £2 for table waiter and assistant) this is very reasonable and many also deserve a little extra.
  10. Sorry Fred does most certainly look after the disabled better than most cruise lines. I have been disabled for 25 years cruising anything from 2 to 4 cruises a year and 14 out of 17 have been with Fred Olsen and they have certainly been excellent with me.
  11. For many years we cruised with Swan Hellenic. Spending very little. Our first cruise was totally All Inclusive. 1984 on Orpheus, All gratuities, excursions where included. then with only 120 passengers on board all the tables had a speaker or officer as a host who bought the drinks at dinner. Then on the day of our Silver Wedding we had the Captain at our table and there was champagne, wine and liqueurs. We had no need to spend anything unless we fancied a gift from the shop. Alas we have never found this to be totally the same since.
  12. July 2013 The Baltic on the Boudicca. During the last weekr of my husband life he said that he would like me to take the family on a cruise and have his ashes scattered in the Baltic. I rang Fred Olsen and they said that there should be no problem. In international waters just off Tallinn the Captain stopped the ship. We had all been invited to part of the ship not usually available to passengers, a door was opened and we were just about 12" from the water. I had been asked if there were four crew members I would like present. So with Five Officers, a representative from F.O. office, two da
  13. Go on Fred Olsen 'Scotland to the Caribbean and back' With Fred Olsen you will visit many small islands that the bigger cruise lines cannot get too. Fabulous
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