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    Agree with comment above about using 'Cosol tours' in St Lucia - we used them last year. They are a good company, and the guide/driver were fun, friendly and informative.
  2. macna


    Do your own thing, as it is so easy and safe to get around any of these small Caribbean islands yourself. It also puts money directly into the hands of locals, who usually try that little bit harder to match your needs to what is on offer on 'their island'. Have a look on some of the US cruise forums too - if they like or dislike something or somebody, they are not reticent in telling their fellow cruisers all about it. You don't have to agree with it all but it does throw up some gems of information too which you can then cross-check with other comments.The internet makes it all so easy and q
  3. macna


    You must go to 17 on at least one evening - yes it does cost more but it is so so worth it. We have dined there four times on two different cruises and have never been disappointed. Good on Formal nights especially with everyone in DJ's/long dresses or if you just want to celebrate a 'special' day.Book very early in the cruise - you can always cancel with no charge if you change your mind, but it gets very difficult to get a table as word of how good it is reaches all of the passengers.
  4. Grand Turk is very small, so you can travel just a short distance (though better by taxi) from the Cruise Terminal to find totally unspoilt beaches/bars etc. Don't stay on the beach near to the ships, for although it is ok, it gets very crowded and you will not see anything of a beautiful, peaceful Island. Go and explore; source your own sailing/snorkelling or whatever it is you want to do. We picked up some beautiful conch shells, washed in by the waves on one of the beaches - they now have pride of place back home. Robinson Crusoe would like it here!
  5. macna


    You do need a visa but all of those other companies who organise smaller, private 1/2 day trips around St Petersburgh can sort it for you too.Don't be put off by cruise companies making it look as if you have to go on their ship tours only - not true!
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