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  1. I think SMTCAN was referring to the private shore-based companies fearing internet reviews, not the ship companies. Rob
  2. I'm booked onto a Princess cruise next year, does anyone know where on the Princess website I can find definitions of the different stateroom categories? Rob
  3. I've just been offered an upgrade, same type of cabin, same deck...just bigger! So I'm happy so far. Rob
  4. I too tend to alternate land holidays and cruises now. Australia & Singapore this summer. 2015 Baltic Cruise with Princess.
  5. My mom is 78 years old and has always wanted to cruise. I was rather annoyed she and dad didn't do it before he passed away. However, she is now thinking of giving it a go, possibly on her own. Has anyone got any tips regarding good cruise lines for solitary sailors, single cabins, that sort of thing? Preferably sailing from the UK. Rob
  6. I really like Princess but I was not impressed with the TV show. Would not encourage me to cruise if I had not been before. Once I heard the voiceover I feared the worst. Not a great advert. Am surprised Princess agreed to this. Rob
  7. Did it last year to Rome, and back from Venice. Flew with Alitalia, about which I was a bit dubious. However, everything worked like a dream. Was so easy when we got to Rome that I was pleased to have booked the 'official' flight. From Passport Control to the coach was so well organised. On another note I worked at an airport till last year and remember a flight being cancelled. It was an official cruise flight, however some passengers had booked onto it under their own steam. Those on their own were on their own. The official passengers were very well looked after and a flight to t
  8. Gibraltar is so small it's dead easy to get to the Rock and do the apes under your own steam. However, IMHO, the apes are not nice so please be very wary of them. A work colleague of mine was bitten by one and spent a few hours in the local hospital. They will eye up your possessions and are not afraid to take you on.
  9. I've only done Princess and have been very happy with the experience. I did look at doing P&O next year but when I compared the itineraries on the Baltic run the P&O one paled by comparison, so I'll stay with Princess.
  10. The Disney bing-bong for messages would drive me mad after a very short while. Saw a Disney ship in Vancouver and every few minutes the opening notes of 'Wish Upon A Star' boomed out. :-/ Not fun.
  11. My first cruise was in an obstructed view cabin and I would have no qualms about doing so again. Perfectly adequate. Mrs Subbuteo on the other hand, prefers the finer things in life so we now have balconies! But don't be put off by them.
  12. I'm very lucky. In my last job we had offered to us (through the 'union', not the employer) an annual policy that costs £5 per month and covers both my wife and I. Even though I have now left I am still able to keep the cover. I think £30 each per year is great value as it covers us no matter how many times we go away.
  13. I am quite satisfied that the tips are distributed in the way the cruise company says they are. Some members of staff will never get tips unless there is a central system. It really is one big team so I don't mind paying through my account, I just like to decide how much.
  14. I have only used Princess and Holland America, but I have noted that their tipping rates are much higher than say P&O. Generally I halve the amount on the OBC and give cash direct to certain members of staff. I do find it interesting that the 'American' brands charge so much compared to others and that is why I halve the amount. I did once speak long and hard with a crew member about pay, and whilst the actual pay can appear low you have to take into account board and lodging, which is worth a great deal. As one European waiter said to me, there is little for them to spend their mon
  15. Using CPS at Southampton was a doddle. Join the queue, fill in the paperwork, hand over the keys, walk about 10 yards, join the queue for the ship and hey presto! Will use again next year. Rob
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