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  1. I too despair of peoples hygiene standards. I must say on Saga you are not allowed in the dining room without using the gel, there are 4 or 5 members of staff funnelling people into a queue so people cannot get past. The other excellent thing is on exiting the toilets the handles are a 2ft sanitiser which as soon as you touch the handle the gel is dispensed.
  2. I like to eat early because of health issues (insulin timing) and find freedom dining rather a lottery. We usually go with Saga and although it it open dining you are allocated a table of your size preference on the first morning this suits us as the same waiters attend to you throughout the cruise and you get to know your table companions well. We have made some great friendships this way.
  3. Saga give you a warm red coat and at the end of the cruise you take it home. You do need your own footwear, gloves and hats.
  4. Love this ship but like the Saga Pearl II even more.
  5. Good old Saga do not charge anything for either your own tablets etc, even the ships computers in the libraries are free.
  6. From this year if you book before end of June, transport is included from anywhere in the UK, also tips are also included and shuttle buses if more than 500 yards from ship to take you into town.
  7. I have now done 6 cruises with Saga on both ships, the Pearl although not as large as the Sapphire is my favourite, you will find all the staff are amazing mostly from the Philippines, they really cannot do enough for you, the food also is excellent. The included insurance and free transport with 250 miles of the departure point is also a very big bonus to us, the most we have ever had in the taxi is 4 including ourselves (exclusive to yourselves within 75 miles). Also now you get free wine with lunch and dinner and free wi-fi throughout the ship. We always went before with P &O but fou
  8. we often use a private taxi, we like to see the countryside rather than ships tour destination, so offer the taxi man £50 or £60 pounds for a 2 -3 hour trip and have found most of them good.
  9. Nothing much if you can't walk very well, excursion might be best.
  10. The journey from Gdynia is dreadful, I would use the ships on your own excursion
  11. I stopped going with P & O because of falling standards but mainly because of this practice of offering better deals at a later date when I had booked on the 1st on sale date. I fully understand that they have to fill the ships so last minute bargains are available but not the practice of selling cheaper half way through the season
  12. My largest ship has been Arcadia and at the time absolutely loved it, but now with some mobility problems I find a small ship easier to get around, also these days I don't need entertaining as much as before, quite happy with a good book or chatting to people Saga Pearl is my favourite now. Would probably have loved the larger ships when I was younger.
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