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  1. Thank you both for the information
  2. First time on queen Mary 2, New York to Southampton, August 2018 not sure what to expect having only sailed with p & o before.......any views ?
  3. Many thanks , will check it out
  4. Hi, I’m sailing back to Southampton on August 3rd 2018 after 5 nights in New York , could anyone recommend a good hotel to stay in , many thanks
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me what double cash back means please
  6. Sinbad, that was the point I was trying to make, I throughly enjoyed the excursions but it wasn't everyday Russia.
  7. The historical part of it was fascinating,but as a city it was very dour and drab,just my opinion
  8. Just back from a great Baltic cruise on Arcadia, despite not getting to see Tallinn due to adverse weather when leaving st Petersburgh. One downside of the cruise was the entertainment but you can't have everything,Helsinki,Stockholm,Oslo and Brugge more than made up for it but found st Petersburgh a little grim nevertheless a wonderful cruise
  9. Thanks , am looking forward to our trip.
  10. First time on adult only cruise coming up soon, not sure what to expect I.e. Age of travellers etc it's a 7 day cruise to the fjords aboard Arcadia .
  11. Thanks for the information,
  12. Hi,thanks for your reply
  13. Kev58

    Tables For Two

    Not wanting to appear unfriendly but unless traveling with family it's always a table for 2,due to my early starts I never have breakfast with my other half so it really makes a change to chat over meals just the two of us. It's just a personal thing.
  14. Sailing soon on arcadia ( 1st time on there ) are both levels of the MDR open for breakfast?
  15. Thanks for all the information .
  16. Thanks for the tips, I'll try them.
  17. Thanks very much for the information .
  18. Stavanger,Bergen ,olden & flam......is it worth taking shore excursions or better to make my own way?
  19. Thanks .....I will.
  20. Thank you for the reply, never having been on the ship I think I'll be happy to stay in this cabin.
  21. First time on Arcadia , staying in cabin D48....should I ask for an upgrade ?
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