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  1. Just back off Azura. No cruise card check on muster. There should be an intelligence test though. The number of people putting their life jackets on when told to to wait and those switching on the jacket lights was amazing.
  2. Has anyone else heard P&O are going to introduce scanning of your cruise card to ensure you attend the lifeboat drill at the start of the cruise.
  3. Does anyone else get annoyed when you get advertising mail from P&O 'specially tailored for you'. When I look at it there is not one mention of single traveller prices or special deals. I have always cruised on my own. My Portunus profile shows I am a single traveller. Surely, with modern compute systems it is not beyond the wit of man that advertising can actually be tailored to the person it is mailed to. I'm sorry Bolsover you are also guilty as charged.
  4. Loyalty rewards is a difficult topic. Do you do what, as others have said as per airlines etc., have a cut off period so only your activity for the last, say, 5 years count or do you reward long term loyalty. Is it based on night aboard ship or spend. Personally that is my gripe. As a single traveller I have to spend 'the single supplement ' more per night to get the same benefit as a individual travelling as a couple. My problem I know. Whatever the solution the loyalty benefits are no spectacular for the amount one has to pay to reach those exalted tiers.
  5. Solent Richard, Food for thought indeed. I wonder what the percentage of service men there are eligible who served in times of conflict where their lives were at risk to the percentage who served in peace time with no danger to life. This can go on and on. My original point was really to say why select one group of people for special benefit when there may be others who can put a deserving case as well. I joined the Combined Cadet Force, does that count?
  6. Thank you hturtle you understood the meaning of my comment. It was not meant to be disrespectful to those who served in conflict at all but that some people served in 'peace' time with no deployment to a dangerous environment.
  7. I've just received a letter from my cruise agent informing me that Carnivan give current and ex military personnel extra on board credit. I'm aware this topic has previously been discussed but I couldn't find the link. I'm all for recognising the service to the Country provided by our Military personnel (albeit some probably did their time with no more danger than a sharp knife in the canteen) but if Carnivan are going to recognise this, how about recognising the contribution of other services. The Police, Fire and Ambulance service all often put their lives in danger for the Country. Also wha
  8. I have just got back from a cruise to the Canaries and we called in Lanzarote. I was really surprised with the new berth. I had decided to walk into town and was set for the long circular walk past the castle etc. When I got off the ship I followed a marked path, out of the berthing area and along the front of the marina. This led past some new shops, a supermarket and some very nice bars. Before I knew it I was at the blue bridge close to where the courtesy coaches drop off. The whole distance was about a 15 minute stroll. On the way back we called in one of the bars. They said they ha
  9. gina1991 Members 35 posts Cadet Last active: Yesterday, 02:21 PM Joined: 25 Jun 2014 have you seen the prices at the minute for mini cruises with p&o?? they are fantastic. ive just booked on one on the oriana for the 6th november! £229 pp for 4 nights! there are some 2nights for 129pp and free upgrade to outside cabin. bargain! Perfect example £129pp for 2 nights but £258 for single person. That's not a real bargain
  10. I agree with a lot of the comments above. Mini cruises can be fun and quite lively with the hen/stag party aspect. There are some drawbacks. Unless you know the ship you can spend the cruise 'lost' especially if it is only a 2 nighter. The staff are rushed an so are maybe not as attentive as on a longer cruise. The biggest problem which tends to stop me going on more is that I am a single traveller and the 100% single supplement they add makes them too expensive.
  11. Tinkerbell We didn't report the lack of wine waiters to reception but nearly everyone I spoke to put it on their feedback forms
  12. I was club dining, 8:30 sitting. It may be that they were trialling it on Azura. From your comments it does not seem to be fleet wide. Let's hope they don't expand it. One addition they had in the buffet on Azura was a self service wine bar. You selected your wine and glass size, put a glass under the relevant spout, inserted your cruise card and hey presto - doing away with wine waiters.
  13. Apologies if this has been covered before. With all the cutbacks P&O are making one of the worst must be the removal of wine waiters. On Azura recently there were no wine waiters. Your wine order was taken by your food waiter. You then had to wait for a lull in their food service for them to deliver your drink. This was often well after your first course unless you already had a partial bottle opened. Also, although they advertised to special liquor of the day on the menu, you never really got to see it and so they missed out a number of impulse buys from me when the wine waiter used to
  14. P&O points go up in 10s per night onboard. I agree rules are rules but why can't they offer you a top up facility. For example a 2 day cruise for me comes in around the £400 mark for 20 points. As they do not do nightly increments of less than 10 points they could allow you to top up say up to 5 points for £20 (1/10 of the daily cruise charge). Just a thought.
  15. I have been a loyal customer of P&O and over 7 years have slowly built up my cruise points and hence my loyalty tier level. I have 2 cruises booked with them this year, at the end of which I will have exactly 2000 points. Their Caribbean tier starts at 2001 points, however there is no way of getting one point other than doing another cruise (a 2 day short cruise is 2 x 10 points = 20 points). I travel alone and the majority of short cruises incurs a100% single supplement making a 2 day cruise ove £400 , way to expensive. I don't really want to book my usual 12-14 day cruise and spend it at
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