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  1. I agree with Pesky Pirate. If people don't want to dress up they should choose a cruise line where they don't need to.
  2. My problem seems to have been sorted. Many thanks.
  3. Have just tried to log on with my new password. I again had to sign in even though the remember me button is ticked. Bolsover please sort it out.
  4. I also had to sign in yesterday. It is so long since I did that my password seemed to be wrong. Have now reset it so will try again.
  5. P and O have no excuse for not solving hot water problems but personally we have had no problem with their service. With one exception we have had an excellent cabin steward and our waiters have always been smiling and cheerful. We talk to them about their families and treat them like friends. If we happen to see them in a different venue we have always been acknowledged. In fact on our last cruise one of them presented me and a couple of other ladies with a flower made from a paper napkin. The captain could often be seen around the ship with a cheerful good morning etc and the officer
  6. Thank you David. Looking at the photos of Iceland available on line it certainly looks a worthwhile holiday from the photography point of view.
  7. Thank you Jensen. About what we thought weather would be - very mixed. We are waiting for excursions to become available as we are now finding it more difficult to get off the ship to do our own thing.
  8. We are hoping to cruise to Iceland in July having just sorted out our travel insurance. We had to cancel our Christmas cruise due to illness. I would appreciate any advice on the sort of clothes to take. Will we need thick coats, gloves etc or can we expect similar temperatures to the UK.
  9. As I said in my last post, we are hoping to go to Iceland in July and have just sorted out our travel insurance. We had to make a claim in December as we had to cancel our Christmas cruise due to illness. I would welcome any advice on the sort of thing to pack. Will we need thick coats, gloves etc or will the temperature be similar to our summer weather?
  10. Thank you for a very interesting post. We are hoping to go in July this year and the info was extremely useful.
  11. Pleased to read this review as it is a while since we've been on Oceana and we are on her again in December for our first Christmas cruise.
  12. We are also on our first Christmas cruise this year. Can't wait😋😋
  13. Thanks for that Dancing Queen I had expected to do that but wondered if it was customary.
  14. Does anyone know if our cabin steward and waiters will expect a gift at Christmas i.e. Money inside a Christmas card?
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