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  1. I did the Caribbean a couple of years ago, I would recommend cane garden bay in Tortola, the scenery surrounding the beach is so beautiful (this was one of my favourite days), in st Kitts we did a jeep safari excursion into the rainforest which ended with an hour on a beach, it was nice to do something a little different instead of sitting on a beach all day. In st maarten I would go to maho beach (airport beach) if its back up and running after the hurricane! such a fantastic experience and one you will always remember. Sadly for Antigua it was a washout as had heavy rain all day, we still he
  2. Having seen some of the released plans for Virgin’s first foray into cruising, where do you think they will fit into the existing market? Some of the released images look impress and some look a little over the top, which leads me to think they’re going a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL relevant position in the market. Has anyone seen the released images and if so what do you think? There’s clearly going to be a LOT of red!
  3. I’ve just seen that Viking have placed an order for yet more ships. Apparently these ships have been described as “special” by Fincantieri though. Does anyone have a clue what this means? They’ve had a lot of success so far with their ocean ships so but by the sounds of it they’re going to move away from there successful blueprint and look at introducing two different styled ships. Not sure what they have in mind but I’m curious to know more. Apparently if they exercise all of their existing options with Fincantieri, Viking will have twelve new ocean ships between 2018 and 2017. That
  4. last year we got to the airport about 3 hours before for the Caribbean and that was fine and we had pre booked seats
  5. yes definitely. It wouldn't stop me from going . At least the cruises are still going ahead and they have changed some of the itineraries to make sure passengers are still going to have a lovely holiday, its is just a shame for those islands that have been devastated.
  6. I have had the same, my account has been pending an amount of £1500, however this has been taken today. I have phoned Bolsover who I booked through and they were very helpful, advising that P&O advised refunds will be back in my account in the next 7 working days. they couldn't apologize enough on P&O behalf, I know it isn't their fault or error and my bank are in contact with the elavon merchant services.
  7. glad you had a good cruise! very good review to read. when is the oceana having a refit does anybody know?
  8. I would love to try an msc. I have only read reviews like this on the ships but a friend of mine has been and they loved it! the ships are very nice and apparently they do a good drinks package! unless you travel with them you don't know how good they are!
  9. when we called into Livorno on the Ventura, they provide a shuttle bus into Livorno centre which is like 10min max away as its a working port, so no you cant get a shuttle to Florence you have to do an excursion or make your own way.
  10. oh we saw this programme the other night. very interesting to watch and a good insight to see how they are built and how much work and time goes into the ships. I would love to sail on regent!
  11. I think the pools are more than suitable. like everyone has said there are several pools around the ship. as you know there a children pools, ones for swimmers only, terrace pools. in my opinion I think they are quite a good size...and you are on a ship not in a leisure centre swimming baths!
  12. Even on casual nights I don't think shorts should be allowed. My partner on the casual nights wore chinos/smart jeans with a polo tshirt/shirt. I just personally think if passengers are going to wear shorts it just looks abit scruffy. they can go wear them in the buffet.
  13. oh the missing persons group was really good. gave me Goosebumps. yes the man with the masks was so shocking!
  14. one of the best moments was on the Azura in Grenada, at the sail away party next to the Brittania... absolute fantastic. cocktails, music and jumping in the pool!
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