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  1. Mine is the nickname my dad has always given me probably something to do with my childhood obsession with the flintstones!
  2. good luck finding one with availability at this short notice! Friends of mine are looking to do the same and really struggling as they're so popular
  3. I think the 6star cruise lines also gain that extra star from their service as well as facilities such as all suite ships having a personal concierge, as well as designer bath products, designer spa facilities and all the little luxurious extras. As for the Michelin star? I am unsure but many of the 6star lines serve food 'a la minute' which is a bonus.
  4. no worries paul1924! But you're right I think the general hotspots in the caribbean are the beaches, understandably they do look stunning but I have heard of some amazing island tours as there is an abundance of history to be explored in the caribbean.
  5. I think with any other cruise line it would be worth it, but celebrity include branded drinks in their classic package anyway! So I'd say stick with the classic unless you really go for the premium cocktails happy drinking!
  6. Pebbles93


    you'll probably find that the EX-UK sailings have predominantly British passengers onboard anyway, so don't be put off by the 'European' reputation enjoy!
  7. I'm definitely jumping on the 'Bring Brucie back!' band wagon!
  8. Solent Richard your photos do make me go a particular shade of green at times! haha, the caribbean is definitely high up on my list of places to visit, its a shame not many cruise lines visit Jamaica (I'm a HUGE Bob Marley fan) but I would imagine the aspect of safety plays a large part in that.
  9. what does everybody think of Barbados?
  10. what's your favourite port in the caribbean and why?
  11. Afternoon all, Solent Richard I was only joking apologies if it was taken out of context!
  12. This thread is a perfect example of why we will never achieve world peace!
  13. Very similar! I had the impression it would be full of old upper class unfriendly people. (little did i know the NCL attracted probably the complete opposite sort of clientelle!), however I expected great food and service and these exceeded expectations massively! We met a wonderful group of people and everybody onboard was lovely and just out to have a great holiday
  14. i think the general rule is a small ship is below 50,000 tonnes, mid ship is between 50-80,000 and a large ship is anything from Ventura to Allure of the seas! Some very interesting views though thanks for all the feedback everyone
  15. i always put on quite a bit of weight! Mostly because i like to try as many different dishes as possible and also like a glass or two of wine with dinner, it all adds up but its always worth it
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