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    Honey73 got a reaction from Morio in Oceana Fly Med   
    Having just returned from Oceana Fly Med cruise I wanted to let you guys know what I thought as I had a few mixed reviews before I went so was a little apprehensive as to whether I'd chosen the right ship/sailing...........I shouldn't have been concerned as we had a fantastic cruise!!!!!!!!

    Itinerary – Malta, Athens, Mykonos, Katakolon, Sarande

    The port at Malta is small and well managed.  We stayed at the Grand Excelsior the night before which is a fantastic hotel with a huge pool, it has a small private section of beach which you can take 3-4 steps down into the sea for a swim, well equipped gym, indoor pool and fab restaurant.  We had a private taxi to the cruise port which took 5 minutes and pulled up right outside where there were porters right at the door to take your case and you walk into a small check-in building.  There are P&O staff there waiting to assist you if necessary and there are water dispensers should you need a drink.  You then proceed into the duty free shop and then onto the ship.  The staff at Malta were friendly, polite and helpful, the check-in and embarkation was hassle free and took about 20 minutes from getting out of the taxi to stepping onto the ship.  This port would be suitable and easily managed by disabled passengers.   Airport transfer is approx 15 minutes from the port.

    We had a walk around Malta on the first day which has great restaurants and shops in the main street and we had our evening meal in a great little restaurant Cockney’s by the waterfront.

    Athens was hot!!! 42 degrees at the top of the Acropolis which is a must see! We took a 15e hop on/off bus which has 3 different routes you can enjoy throughout the day.

    Mykonos town is a cute little place with great jewellery shops – you can take the sea bus right outside the ship for 4e return

    Sarande is quite a small port of call with a few local shops – if I was to return here I would definitely do a shore excursion next time.

    There were three of us in a standard picture window cabin, so although space was minimal we were not expecting to be in our cabin much of the time.

    Walking around the ship it was easy to navigate and I never once saw anything that would make me feel she was ready for a refurb.  The atrium was a lovely light, bright open area and very welcoming.  

    I'd heard a few grumbles about the standard of food served on P&O before our cruise,  I can only assume they must dine in Michelin restaurants every night as we thought the food was superb.  The presentation, menu choice and service was fantastic.  My partner is a fairly fussy eater and even he thought it was great.  There was not one negative comment about the restaurant/food throughout the week and the other guests we met throughout the week felt the same way.  

    The entertainment onboard was good, there were different types of live music which catered for most needs.  There was a guy singing 60/70's, a pianist in the atrium, jazz band and a group singing a mixture of music and a Michael Buble tribute who was fantastic.  There was a tropical themed night on top deck and a white themed night which were both lively and good fun so Oceana is ideal whether you are the quiet and early to bed type or if you like a bit of a party. 

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was showing in the theatre which is a great option for kids looking for something to do and the kids clubs are great!

    There was a ventriloquist in the theatre, not my usual kind of thing, but he was absolutely hilarious, had the whole audience in stitches. 

    There are quite a few different types of bars to cater for all tastes.

    The nightclub was empty most nights, I was really surprised about this, it's only very small but I thought people would opt to go there after the theatre shows but the three occasions we had a look in there were 3-4 people.

    Oceana is a great choice for couples as there are plenty of choices  throughout the ship to keep you entertained.  It is also a great choice for the older guest too as she is a medium sized ship and very easy to navigate with a wonderful atrium area where evening dancing can be enjoyed.  Singles can enjoy activities and meeting other single travellers with notifications in Horizon and I think there is no better holiday for a single traveller than a cruise, the traditional dining time makes travelling a little less daunting for single people also.

    I have always preferred the ease of Southampton sailings and i'm not too keen on flying, however this cruise completely change my mind and I did find it really easy and hassle free so if you're looking for a bit of sunshine not too far away I can definately recommend this one! I'm hoping to try the Croatia itinerary next year!

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    Honey73 got a reaction from B&M in Was I Wrong To Suggest That A Fellow Passenger Wash Their Hands Last Week?   
    Basic hygiene!!! ??? Why would you need telling ???
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    Honey73 got a reaction from B&M in What are future cruise credits and are they worth it?   
    This is interesting info....it's a win win situation....you give them your money early but you get it back plus some
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    Honey73 reacted to Bumble Bee in Shuttle Buses in ALGHERO AND FLORENCE?   
    I don't think they do a shuttle to florence but they do an excursion called 'Florence on your own' which is basically just the transfers there and back x
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    Honey73 reacted to sammy sun in Shuttle Buses in ALGHERO AND FLORENCE?   
    Unsure on Alghero but as for Florence, are you meaning a shuttle service direct into the city? If so then no. You'll need to look into excursion options from my experience. I've only ever visited Florence via an excursion when on a cruise as it's quite a distance from the nearest ports, often Livorno or sometimes La Spezia.
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    Honey73 reacted to AnthonyL in Is Ginger Ale A Good Remedy For Sea Sickness?   
    Most seasickness medication are based on anti-histamines - which to a greater or lesser extent, cause drowsiness. The only one available which is not an anti-histamine is Hyoscine & the only product licenced for motion sickness is Kwells. This is much less likely to cause drowsiness - but read the Patient Information Leaflet for other contraindications / side effects.
    Some Doctors may prescribe Hyoscine as a patch - under the name Scopoderm. May not be available on NHS - but on Private Prescription
    If you visit the Ship's Doctor, they may give an anti-histamine injection - which is usually promethazine (same drug as Avomine) / Phenergan) - but this may serious cause initial drowsiness, but should protect from seasickness for the remainder of the cruise - and they will charge you tens of pounds for the privilege.
    Taking tablets for motion sickness - take the recommended dose from before journey & throughout journey to minimise sickness.
    From experience, have found sailing around the Caribbean rarely causes this problem at all - even for sufferers.
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    Honey73 got a reaction from Sea Cruiser in Is Ginger Ale A Good Remedy For Sea Sickness?   
    haha...either way you'll be sick.....the brandy may help you forget you were though
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    Honey73 reacted to cruise addict in Is Ginger Ale A Good Remedy For Sea Sickness?   
    I am not a good sailor and always have a cabin mid ship. I have tried ginger but for me I found taking Stugeron 15 tablets work well.. 
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    Honey73 reacted to 2torts in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    19 years ago we got stuck in a lift on QE2 & that was certainly memorable.
    More recently the sail in to Stockholm past all the little islands.
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    Honey73 got a reaction from DavidH in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    How wonderful!!!!!
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    Honey73 reacted to sammy sun in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    i was so busy thinking about the destination I've visited on cruises over the years that I completely overlooked the mos obvious memory of all. One of my best memories would have to be the first time I set sail from Southampton. The band in full swing and the champagne flowing. That would definitely have to go down as one of my best because there's nothing like your first sailaway.
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    Honey73 reacted to Nimrod in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    Oh so many where to start?  Most of those already mentioned I totally concur  and identify with, and those I have not experienced sound wonderful too. I am now on my second "Bucket List"  having completed my first on a World Cruise on 2013 but some others that were epic for me were: saying farewell to my first introduction to cruising, the cruise ship Canberra, from the deck of Oriana in Cannes in 1997 to swimming with stingrays in the Carribbean, "crossing the line" with its uniquely silly ceremony, bathing in the Blue Lagoon in Rejklavic, witnessing the Midnight Sun in both Iceland and Alaska and just that sheer wonder of sailing an ocean like the Atlantic or Pacific looking out from the deck of a luxury cruise ship and imagining how on earth those early sailors ever circumnavigated the world ....no fine dining, on board credit, drinks packages or wonderful entertainment for them eh?
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    Honey73 reacted to cruise chef in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    It would be sailing past Stromboli in the early hours of the morning as the volcano was erupting, only me on deck. One of the few times that insomnia paid dividends. I had to laugh when the captain announced from the bridge the following morning that it was a great sight that everyone missed as they were fast asleep in bed
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    Honey73 reacted to DavidH in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    So many wonderful cruising memories but there are two significant highlights which spring immediately to mind:-
    1. The approach across Lake Nasser to the temples of Abu Simbel - using my binoculars, I thought I was watching a colony of ants but, as we got closer, it turned out to be people milling around at the foot of the massive rock temples.
    2. Sitting out on our balcony at 03.00hrs overlooking the stern of Arcadia as we headed back south from the North Cape in early July and coming to the realisation that I was looking at the sun over the top of the world.  Bit of a "eureka" moment!!
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    Honey73 reacted to Land Ahoy in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    Hi  I have too many cruise highlights to come up with just one.  If I am fortunately enough to see a whale or a pod of dolphins this is always  the highlight of that particular cruise.  Sightseeing is a different matter, I agree that the sail in or out of Venice is very good, but nothing prepared me for seeing Petra for the first time.  Food wise my favourite dish of all time was served on Silversea it wasn't complex just scallops served on a bed of wild mushroom risotto but tasted like heaven.  Evening entertain is a different matter, the show Priscilla Queen of the Desert which I saw on NCL's Epic this year was very well produced but I remember seeing Ray Allen with Lord Charles many years ago on P&O's Victoria which was very extremely funny, he incorporated things which occurred to the cruise into the act showing he was prepared to work hard on his material rather than just repeat the same "old" spiel.
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    Honey73 reacted to KeithnRita in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    Our moment was about 16 years when we entered Glacier Bay! 
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    Honey73 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    For me there are many for different reasons but if I had to pick one it would be seeing the sunset in the Arctic mid winter from a Hurtigruten ship when the sun only shines on the horizon for about 45 minutes

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    Honey73 got a reaction from WAVES in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    I love G32! I was actually surprised at the nightlife on Cunard, I was expecting it to be really low key but there is something for everybody whether it be lively or low key, QM2 is my favourite ship
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    Honey73 reacted to del82 in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    sailaway party leaving gibralter on oriana about 8 years agao, fantastic atmosphere on deck !
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    Honey73 reacted to gina1991 in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    one of the best moments was on the Azura in Grenada, at the sail away party next to the Brittania... absolute fantastic. cocktails, music and jumping in the pool!
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    Honey73 reacted to Countrygirl in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    Just walking up the gangway knowing that I have to cook nothing for a while, no beds to make, no spending time in the supermarkets, no bathrooms to clean, no lawns to mow, generally just be lazy and enjoy the time onboard, but I must add that going through the Panama Canal takes some beating. OH and sailing into Venice. My big wish was to sail into New York and that will come true in September, can't wait.
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    Honey73 got a reaction from WAVES in My most memorable cruising moment is...   
    Hahah! I can totally relate to this!!!! I'm sure my other half thought he was going on a fishing boat by the look on his face  
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    Honey73 got a reaction from CJW in What is on your bucket list?!   
    I'm greedy, I want to go everywhere and experience everything and I haven't got enough holiday days or money hahaha but i'll certainly try
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    Honey73 got a reaction from sammy sun in What is on your bucket list?!   
    I'm greedy, I want to go everywhere and experience everything and I haven't got enough holiday days or money hahaha but i'll certainly try
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    Honey73 got a reaction from dancefloordemon in What is on your bucket list?!   
    I'm greedy, I want to go everywhere and experience everything and I haven't got enough holiday days or money hahaha but i'll certainly try
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