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  1. Having just returned from Oceana Fly Med cruise I wanted to let you guys know what I thought as I had a few mixed reviews before I went so was a little apprehensive as to whether I'd chosen the right ship/sailing...........I shouldn't have been concerned as we had a fantastic cruise!!!!!!!! Itinerary – Malta, Athens, Mykonos, Katakolon, Sarande The port at Malta is small and well managed. We stayed at the Grand Excelsior the night before which is a fantastic hotel with a huge pool, it has a small private section of beach which you can take 3-4 steps down into the sea for a swim,
  2. Hi - I've booked on Oceana for a week from Malta - has anybody done this cruise?? Can you recommended places to go/things to see? Also, I've never been on Oceana, what's she like? Itinerary is:- Athens, Mykonos, Katakolon, Sarande Thank you !
  3. I've not been on Caribbean but i'm sure she is the same ship as P&O's Ventura and Azura??
  4. This is interesting info....it's a win win situation....you give them your money early but you get it back plus some
  5. Hi!!!! Does anybody know if P&O put shuttle buses on in ALGHERO AND FLORENCE? Many thanks
  6. haha...either way you'll be sick.....the brandy may help you forget you were though
  7. I've just had a tip from a fellow cruiser that Ginger Ale is a perfect quick remedy for sea sickness......does it really work?
  8. I love G32! I was actually surprised at the nightlife on Cunard, I was expecting it to be really low key but there is something for everybody whether it be lively or low key, QM2 is my favourite ship
  9. Hahah! I can totally relate to this!!!! I'm sure my other half thought he was going on a fishing boat by the look on his face
  10. I love hearing everyone's cruising stories............. Thought it would be interesting to see "What is your most memorable cruising moment ..............................?"
  11. I once saw a Regent Agent demonstrating a price comparison against "Regent" and a "4-5 star" cruise line and by the time you take into consideration drinks, grats, excursions, speciality dining there was suprisingly not much difference
  12. I'm greedy, I want to go everywhere and experience everything and I haven't got enough holiday days or money hahaha but i'll certainly try
  13. I think this is going to be something really special, two top entertainers, £49 including a 3 course dinner in a small intimate setting......lovely
  14. Hi Sam I have done Viking river cruise end of November on the Danube! Far from boring....loved it!!! The staff are amazing, food is great! Budapest is a lively place and the Christmas markets were on too...i've seen some real fab deals under £1k towards the end of the year which is an absolute bargain! Melk monestry was fascinating and Vienna was absolutely gorgeous....you could use some dollar there with all the designer shops, but personally I loved sitting with my latte watching the world go by!! I never thought river cruising would be for me but I really enjoyed it. Wonderful
  15. Just booked myself a fabulous 6 night cruise on Oriana on 15th May!!!!! What a bargain!!!!!
  16. Aggghhhh stuck in a lift!!! How awful!!! Although the champagne doesn't sound bad xx
  17. I love hearing people's cruising stories and just wondered what everybody's most memorable cruising moment was?
  18. I agree littlemousa - I think a lot of people have missed her
  19. A possible return........anyone else heard??
  20. I am definitely going to look into this for Jan 2018 - I've seen the Royal Caribbean offers for Jan 2017 - they are amazing!!
  21. Thanks very much for the info, appreciated
  22. I love NCL - we went on Spirit in January, great service, food, staff....can certainly recommend Cagney's, my other half had the 32oz Porterhouse steak....not for the faint hearted but the food was fantastic!
  23. Just booked a sneaky little mini cruise in February to cheer me up after the madness of Christmas and New Year. Anybody been on Ventura who can give me some tips on this ship? What's the speciality dining like? - we have a day in Bruge Thank you
  24. Morning! Lovely British weather!!! Can anyone tell me if the cabin size in the Cunard brochure includes the balcony? Thank you in advance
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