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  1. oh no! thats such a shame! i was hoping to get to faro in may from east mids! oh well jet 2 it is then!
  2. finally got round to adding some more piccies about the Celebrity Reflection
  3. a few piccie from my hurtigruten voyage mar 2012
  4. I cruised on hurtigruten at the end of march 2012. they told us we probably wouldnt see them as it was too late but luckily they did come out! it is really stunning and definately something to tick off the bucket list! i would say your best time to go is around jan/feb. although the temps will be much colder in march it was minus 4-5 most of the time! however if you go when its snowing a must is the dog sledding! absolutely incredible!
  5. welcome fethiye mark! having been on azamara for the past 3 years i hope i can answer your questions! firstly the showers, i personally didnt find them too small yes you get the annoying flappy curtain but i realise this is pretty standard on most ships, my husband is 6'5 and found them to be perfectly fine! from memory there was just soft drinks in the mini bar and these were included in the AI package. i think you can request for alcoholic beverages but they are at a charge in the cabin. you get fresh water bottles everyday and an ice bucket in the cabin, as its such a small ship you may
  6. harley1


    me too whats happened????
  7. that video is so amusing, when we were in kos a few years back on azamara the ship Quest, the captain came over the tannoy at about 3 pm saying he needs to shift the ship forward by about 20 yards as there was a ferry wanting to pull in behind. whilst having a cocktail on top deck we watched the crew pull in the gang planks to shunt the ship along. we noticed passengers casually strolling back to the ship as it wasnt due to leave until after 5pm. as soon as they saw the gang planks coming up they started sprinting towards the ship! being as cruel as we are, we decided it would be funny
  8. for those of you interested its cabin 6305 on indep - watch the video on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJg4gOptzhQ
  9. I really want to stay in the Ben and Jerries room on independence! not that it is a theme room just that the massive statue of the ben and Jerries cow's bum is blocking the view out of your window so you get free ice cream for the stay!!!! yum!
  10. harley1

    Red Arrows

    each to their own hturtle, I think its a brilliant piece of British history and should be kept alive! if they were to stop them i'm sure you would moan!
  11. harley1

    Red Arrows

    did anyone watch the Red Arrows program the other night? It was fab i cant believe the amount of training those guys go through. It was nice to have an insight into hows its all done when you see them doing their acrobatics!
  12. im not on this one but ive tried to get on to do mine next year i think celebrity has a problem with their system it doesnt bring anything up for me!
  13. harley1

    The 100

    I love it!!!! its like a cross between lost and the hunger games, cant wait for the next episode!
  14. A fun thursday topic! anyone got any embarrassing stories whilst they have been on a cruise? Mine was falling down the atrium steps in ridiculous heels while the captain was doing his usual welcome onboard speech!
  15. Has anyone been on Oceania cruises? Ive heard they spend more on food budget than any other cruise line?! anyone know if this is true? if so.... i'm sure the food is spectacular
  16. hi kellyohara, I would always choose a fly cruise if your looking where to go, its so nice to just fly straight out to a destination rather than have 3/4 days at sea!
  17. Hi Vamp 23, Ive just got back from San Fran, absolutely stunning place! if you are looking at doing a sailng from/to there make sure you stay a few days, it is fab! where the ships dock is right next to pier 39 (old boardwak with pleanty of bars and restaurants and shops) and also next to the pier for alcatraz! if you are doing alcatraz i would personally book it direct in advance rather that through the ships it is $30 pp but ships prob charge double! have a great time!
  18. Hi Spanish Girl! I spent 6 weeks backpacking round vietnam and cambodia and a definate must is Halong bay! amazing place and such an experience on a traditional junk boat, you should find most cruiselines do tours like this if you are stopping off in danang definatly jump in a taxi for a few dollars and go to hoi an a couple of miles down the road, amazing little ancient town with hundred of tailors, you can get a suit made in an hour! let me know if you need any advice
  19. Hi Crise HL, We did the Ballet a few years ago but we did it through P&O, I'm not sure if there are any other companies offering it maybe try www.cruisingexcursions.com, we used these on a caribbean sailing and were very good. the only problem i can see is if you do arrange a trip 'on your own' away from the ships tours it will not include the visa for russia? from what ive heard it is quite expensive to obtain and can be a lengthy process good luck anyway and have a fab time!
  20. What a load of rubbish! how can they class Azamara the same as Azura! Having travelled on the both ships in the space of a few months I can safely say Azamara everytime! there is no comparison the food and service surpass P&O everytime!
  21. thanks harvey, ive looked at venice beach looks great area to visit! hopefully ill be able to get something sorted, ill keep you posted
  22. oooh $363 per nightly rate the intercontinental, a little over our price range but gorgeous hotel. anyone any other ideas?
  23. Hi SR, Thanks for that looks a great hotel! ill check on prices for it. we are doing our own flight arrangements as we are doing a bit of touring afterwards too. thanks for you info, you're certainly a well travelled bloke! always interesting posts!
  24. Hey guys, Were looking at taking one of the Hawaii Itinaries from Los Angeles with princess at the end of the year, think we fancy staying in Los Angeles for a few days before hand to get over the flight. anyone any ideas on where to stay it seems very confusing as there looks to be about 7 different districts! we want to do the usual touristy stuff so anyone any tips on where to stay would really help! thanks in advance everyone!
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