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  1. it makes me laugh when people moan for half hour about the cruise line then in the same breath say they are booking on the same ship and same itinerary again! why???? BE ADVENTUROUS AND TRY SOMETHING NEW!!! its a cruise ship for god sake not like your taking a risk staying in a hostel in beirut!!!
  2. well said dance floor demon! i completely agree, i was happy with that price when i booked so whats the issue? if i had the stones to wait until the last minute i would but the sad fact is i probably wouldnt be able to afford it all up front at least i pay a little each month and know eaxctly what im getting so i guess the few extra hundred i pay compared to the last minute fares is kind of like interest for having what i want and paying by direct debit! lol
  3. not very good at this posting pics mallarky!!!
  4. Just returned form an amazing weekend away in Reykjavik. Granted i did not go on a cruise but thought it might be handy for anyone visiting here on a cruise to know a bit about the place! There is one main street in Reykjavik this is called Laugavegur, (this is technically in walking distance but I think most ships provide a bus to the central area) on here there are plenty of boutique shops selling all sort of Icelandic wears along with bespoke jewellry shops selling the famous Lava stone I will warn you its not the cheapest place in the world! average cost for a lunch is around £30- 40
  5. addicted already! love this show!!
  6. amazing poem! lest we forget x
  7. No way! I hope dynamo is in there! somehow cant see it to be honest! Paddy Mcguiness would be a laugh that Josie Cunningham needs a labotomy!
  8. looks great, just makes me wonder how long you will have to queue to get on everything? I presume it will be a bit like visiting Alton Towers or Thorpe Park where you either queue for hours or keep going back at different times to see if its free?
  9. Just seen the new adverts for the new series of 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here! ' so excited for this show love the bush tucker challenges, has anyone heard about who is going to be on this year? I cant seem to find any info?! wants to know who to start rooting for!
  10. omg! just looked at the Zambezi queen on AMA that is incredible! look how close you get to the animals without even having to step off the ship!
  11. Hi Ali05 pullmans in a balcony look a little different they generally come from the ceiling
  12. We are due to visit Antwerp on the short Oriana cruise on 23/10 just wondered if anyone had any advice about Antwerp as I have never been? also the ship is in overnight too so any advice on what to do in the evening? thanks in advance!
  13. I didnt know someone had already posted, i must be a bit behind then! lol
  14. I agree riversong but you know what happens when new management take over anything! slowly, changes start to happen
  15. Just seen in the news that Norwegian Cruise line has just bought 2 of the luxury lines of the world 'Regent Seven Seas and Oceania cruises' For the low low cost of $3 Billion!!!? I'm not sure wether this is a good thing or bad thing? NCL are such a world away from the luxury products of Oceania and Regent? I hope the barns do not change too much Anyone any thoughts?
  16. I recently saw this article and thought it was fascinating, all be it slightly creepy! let me know what you think? http://myaesthetica.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/jason-decaires-taylor.html
  17. Check out this link for Anthem and the new news! http://www.royalcaribbean.co.uk/our-ships/quantum-class/anthem-of-the-seas/
  18. Just a few pics from Azura for those of you wanting to know what pullman berths look like!
  19. We had the same issue but flying on friday the 13th! no problems at all so i personally think its a load of hooey! lol book it and enjoy!!!
  20. Hi Rita123, We went a few weeks ago its great, they have walk through exhibits so you can stroke the kangaroos and be in with the monkeys! think we were there for about 4 hours with lunch. depending how old your neice and nephew are take them to the indoor play area (wish i was little again) its amazing! have fun!
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