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  1. she could be a stunning ship pyewacket but i was on her in october last year and very tired carpets thread bare, chips in the sink.... in a suite! she felt unkempt
  2. just seen rci and celeb are to increase their gratuities to $12.95 pppd! (£8 per day) whats everyones views?
  3. Ive seen that advertised, not really a technical wizz but sems like a good idea? i prefer to use the touchscreen to be honest though
  4. my mum and dad went from manchester last year and they were on the dreamliner. to be honest they didnt rate it! said the tv was broken the whole way, the smoke screens over the windows wouldnt work so had to have the window open all night! and about 3 of the toilets were broken!
  5. just seen Azamara have moved their dry dock back and they have put these taster cruises in its place having done azamara i would recommend to anyone and really decent prices considering what you get included with them! AZAMARA QUEST® VOYAGES 4 NIGHTS ST. TROPEZ & BALEARIC ISLANDS 26-September 2015
  6. strangely enough i would quite like to do a round britain cruise! some decent deals on for last minute i think it would be very interesting!
  7. just found out if you book the thermal suite spa treatment (think this is the one with the hot beds) you get access to the retreat FREE OF CHARGE! the thermal suite is about £25 each i think? might be nice riversong to combine it one day cos the retreat is about £15 each i think???
  8. Hi Nikos, I just read about the dining and yes i believe you can eat in the main restaurant if you fancy a change from Blu but you have to request it with the relevant matrede you cant just wander in and out! lol
  9. thanks sammysun! So do you know how this classic dining works on the anthem/quantum? as far as i knew you just turned up at the restaurant you want to eat in every night? looking through details though it looks like you have to book or you wont get in?
  10. i think the extra cost for aqua is worth it with the persian garden access and the blu resataurant. i agree with smtcan i think the concierge benefits are meaninless i mean who the hell need canapes in the cabin with all that amazing food on offer! lol
  11. they loved the Blu restaurant cos you get that complimentary when sailing in aqua class!
  12. my rents did the aqua class, they said the cabins are no different but you get the following: Services A Personal Spa Concierge to arrange Spa treatments Daily delivery of bottled water and tea Priority check-in Express luggage delivery Priority disembarkation based on travel needs Complimentary shoeshine service Dining Exclusive access to Blu, a specialty restaurant featuring "clean cuisine" that also serves complimentary breakfast every day Upgraded room service menu Amenities Complimentary access to the Persian Garden and Relaxation Room (Relaxation Room on Solstice Class only) Aroma
  13. has anyone had any experience with the dynamic dining on royal caribbean? reading some reviews it seems to be all going to pot?!
  14. to be totally honest my last experince of p&o staff were that they were rude, ignorant and down right lazy! the 'thats not my job attitude' shame really as all the other sailings i have been on with P&O have been spot on! i hope it was just a blip as if they are asking for £5 pppd i think this is far too much for the service i last recieved which was basically non existant!
  15. just spotted this too thought it may be helpful for those wanting a treat on their next sailing! https://www.pocruises.com/Global/experience_pdf_2012/Oasis_Spa_PriceList-AZURA_ARCADIA_VENTURA%5B1%5D.pdf
  16. dont know if this may be helpful but came across this! feel free to add any others i may have missed or other cruise lines P&O - AdoniaOcean Grill - (Cruise Length 1-2 Days) Dinner - £22.95 (Cruise Length 3-7 Days) Dinner - £17.95 (Cruise Length 8+ Days) Dinner: - £12.95 Sorrento - (Cruise Length 1-2 Days) Dinner - £10.00 (Cruise Length 3-7 Days) Dinner - £7.50 (Cruise Length 8+ Days) Dinner - £5.00 ArcadiaOcean Grill - (Cruise Length 1-2 Days) Dinner - £22.95 (Cruise Length 3-7 Days) Dinner - £17.95 (Cruise Length 8+ Days) Dinner - £12.95 East- (Cruise Length 1-2 Days) Di
  17. i believe if you are on 'early saver' you can request your dining on the p&o website on the cruise personaliser?
  18. typical!!! I was so mad i couldnt see the lights on tuesday. I went to iceland in january and froze my nickers off to try and see them and nothing!!!
  19. ooh i'll keep my eyes peeled for that one then!
  20. did anyone see them on Tuesday night (17/03) it was too cloudy where we were, but people as far south as essex saw them! loads of pics on here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31936513
  21. I agree i would always book a package for the protection but if the cruise lines dont have any flights left i dotn have a choice if thats the cruise i want. Things like christmas sailings the flights seem to sell out really quickly! if you do your own flights how do you trasport yourself to the cruise terminal? any particular website you use?
  22. so ive noticed quote a few deals where the cruise prices are ridiculously cheap but when you ask for flights through the cruiseline the flights are ridiculously expensive! a few times in the past i have done my own flights through easyjet/ryaniar etc . . and saved hundreds! thought it might be fun to start a topic on how/where/who people book their 'extras' with and any advice on specific ports if you are making your own way there?
  23. hey guys I'm off on MSC Fantasia in Sept and just wondered if anyone knows about tips onboard? i understand they add some to your on board account but is this the same if you have a pre paid drinks package? cant seem to find the answer! thanks in advance!
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