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  1. Hey guys, I have been on Azamara before and loved their Azamazing evenings. I knows it early but I've booked for Alaska next year and just wondered if anyone had a list of what they are doing? or even what they did this year? just trying to plan what we are doing on shore! thanks in advance!
  2. What do P&O Cruises need to include on their new ships to get them back in the good graces of many that feel they have lost touch with modern day cruising? Will they make both new ships the same design just subtle differences like Ventura and Azura or will they make them completely different and try to cater to multiple audiences, what everyone's views on this?
  3. Obviously there are some lines that already offer it, but these tend to be on 'promotion' and you have to time it right. I saw recently that all-inclusive package holidays are up 63%, isn’t it time the cruising world acknowledged the demand for an all-in holiday with nothing to think about once on board? I’m not just talking food and drink being included, I’m talking EVERYTHING!!! I’m talking gratuities, excursions, speciality dining, room service, anything you can think of???? I know Regent cruise lines do this, but to me this is reserved for the super rich! wouldn’t it be
  4. wow this sounds quite cool? don't understand the point though? what is its use in a cabin?
  5. 12 ocean ships! that sounds like a lot!! I guess 'special' is probably just some buzz word the marketing team came up with to make people ask what it is . . . very clever lol!
  6. I must admit I love traditional cruising, all about the wine and dine. We did sail on Harmony of the seas 2 years ago and really enjoyed it but I did think the 'extras' on board like the slide at the back and the carousel were a one time deal. Once we had done we had done it! I think the entertainment on board is spectacular and I don't use that word often! so different to the usual stage shows on all other cruise lines, so in that respect I would say bigger is better! I completely understand the attraction for people with children, personally I wouldn't go again . . . . I was too knacke
  7. I agree with the new policy, I have been on several short cruises and find it disgusting when hen parties are parading round a giant blow up peni* when there are kids and elderly passengers on board! keep this sort of stuff to the clubs and pubs of Magaluf or Ibiza thank you
  8. I'm not lucky enough to have one booked for the future just yet but if I was travelling in December I would still go! these places bounce back extremely quickly, I went to Thailand 2 months after the Tsunami that happened a few years back that absolutely flattened the place! and in all honesty apart from a bit of rubble shoved to one side you couldn't even tell. these places rely on tourism so will be working very hard to get everything back to normal. and at the end of the day if you end up on a slightly different itinerary it will still be an amazing Caribbean cruise!
  9. Thought this may be useful for anyone travelling to the Caribbean imminently OPEN AT THIS TIME Bahamas Cruise Ports: Nassau; Freeport A hurricane warning for Maria is in effect for the southeastern Bahamas as of September 20. The Port of Nassau, and other ports around The Bahamas, are open. Bahamasair resumed service into the United States on September 12 at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Orlando International Airport and Miami International Airport. While airlines are operating international flights out of Grand Bahama International Airport, U.S. c
  10. I think its bad you get less when you go for an inside cabin! you haven't served your country any less than if you are in a suite! wrong P&O.
  11. fair point! I absolutely hate that!
  12. Just seen Royal Caribbean are going to be charging for towels that are not returned! there goes my cruise line towel collection
  13. oooh ive not seen this website ill have a look!
  14. Just seen Princess are going to be basing the brand new Majestic princess out in the land of OZ for summer 2018. looks like she will be doing some fab itineraries : Majestic Princess will sail on 16 cruises to destinations including Fiji, New Zealand and Tasmania as well as two Asia voyages between Shanghai and Sydney, and Sydney and Hong Kong. Anyone booked on yet her yet???
  15. unfortunately they dont! the closest they come is to sail out of southampton but end up in say . . .Rome for a repositioning cruise as i looked at trying to do southampton too!
  16. What can I say but WOW! we travelled on Riviera for 10 nights for the first time July 2016. this cruise line is incredible. For my husbands job we get to eat at many a fancy restaurant but non of those compared to the standard of the food on Oceania. I absolutely loved the fact we got all the speciality restaurants for FREE and the choice of food is unlike anything I have ever experience on a cruise line The level of service was second to non to the point of we actually felt like we were on a private yacht. a prime example was I went for a swim and when I returned my sunbed had been straighten
  17. Hey guys finally going on my first Oceania cruise at the end of the month and was just wondering if anyone has an tips or tricks for me before I go? any info would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  18. oh I would kill to do this itinerary, looked at doing a resort in the Maldives for 2 weeks cheapest I found for 4* all inc was £2600 pp so £2699 is a bargain! and you get to see lots of places too
  19. Hi Max, welcome! lots of interesting and informative stuff on here any questions just ask!
  20. Just seen the new Hurtigruten ships they have just had commissioned . . . . they look so mean!!!!
  21. I have only just got round to writing a review on the Balomal we embarked upon on 26/03/16, 2 nights to Boulogne-sur-Mer. I must say after a bit of trepidation about fred olsen cruises i am pleased to report my fears were put to rest very quickly! I had heard horror stories of 'old ships' 'gods waiting room' etc . . . i was pleasantly suprised. the age range was very mixed from families to the golden oldies! Embarkation - after pulling into southampton city cruise terminal we were directed to a drop off point for the cases before we went round to the main terminal the valet parking
  22. just seen they have now launched their programme for next year, some gorgeous itineraries just wish i could afford them, a little out of my price range unfortunately! take a look for yourself: https://www.rssc.com/specials/details.aspx?Id=ee5d7869-b079-4632-a229-d2878bc7641d∫=ps&d=041316&t=emint&cid=ebrochure
  23. I remember we went on reflection a few years back, we were being showed around the spa and got collared by a gent who was offering botox onboard! needless to say he obviously tested the 'products' on himself as when he smiled it was like a blank expression!!!! lol
  24. congrats furby! i would love to see the amazon again but not sure if any of p&o ships will be small enough to do it now they have got rid of adonia! i think they should bring back the panama sailings too!
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