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  1. Royal Caribbean always pulls us back in as a good family line. Allure of the Seas Norwegian Epic Splendour of the Seas Ruby Princess MSC - Splendida Recently got back from a trip onboard the Norwegian Epic and it comes in a close second.
  2. Hello Tom, great to have a celebrity amongst us!
  3. When you cruise as much as I do you're bound to find a few bad eggs! For me, although I love Venice (it truly is beautiful) it was also horrible due to the sheer volume of cruise ships and tourists docking there. It makes me wonder whether sea levels really are rising...or is Venice sinking due to the weight of all the tourists there!
  4. Royal Caribbean is almost definitely your best bet JoeP1975 - the kids will love the DreamWorks characters...and the adults will love everything else! I'm sure there's no rule against us OAPs (I speak for myself mainly here) having a go on the zip lines and surf simulators if we're feeling youthful (and if there is a Doctor standing by!)
  5. Hello all! Great to meet some cruise lovers - and fellow Liam Gallagher fans! From whereabouts in Cornwall do you hail Rob? Beautiful place! As is the Amalfi Coast, Christine. Make sure you make the most of Rome if you are stopping there. There is simply too much to see and too little time. Just make sure you have a true Italian coffee whilst you are there! I am considering a Norwegian Fjords cruise for my next adventure...any Fjord veterans present to give some advice?
  6. Royal Caribbean ships always have great facilities for the kids - from what I've seen on board they always seem to enjoy themselves! MSC less so, as they seem to be more focused on luxury cruising instead of entertainment.
  7. Welcome to the forum Caroline! The med is also a favourite of mine, I recently returned from a trip taking in Rome and Barcelona on the Norwegian Epic which was fantastic although quite expensive - especially when in a large group! Have you decided on which cruise line you're going with? I've heard the new Norwegian Breakaway ships have lots to keep the kids entertained...while the parents and grandparents head to the bar Personally my next choice will be the Fjords. Hoping to go there with my wife in the next few years, apparently it's not to be missed!
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