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  1. Me also, I suppose it depends on what you like I just returned from a med cruise in aug and need another holiday to recover from all the activities/travelling..the carribean for me is more exotic and like paradise, plus you don't have to travel far to get to those places you do want to visit.You also can't beat the relaxed nature of the people and atmosphere!Yes some places are similar but I am biased I love most of them!
  2. Hi Guys, does anyone know which airline does the Bournemouth-Genoa med fly cruise flights? Cheers Matt
  3. Hi Guys, just checked my cruise personaliser and it says I can book the beach house or cafe jardin...have they changed horizen grill to the beach house?Can't find it in the brochure anywhere. Cheers Matt
  4. Thanks all for the reply!Did any of you fly with B.A??any good?do they have tv's on such a short journey?Only done carribean long haul in the last few years...thanks again Matt
  5. Hi Guys could anyone tell me what it's like getting from Genoa airport to the cruise ship terminal?Is it as good a process as the Carribean?I.E straight off plane to the bus then ship?(going Aug 5th) Cheers
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