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  1. Verdict on Viking Sea a post-cruise reflection Having disembarked and been ushered by one of Viking’s ever-attentive “red-coats” through Rome’s busy Fiumicino Airport, by-passing the chaotic crowds, direct to the British Airways check-in desk, I am now left in what I assume to be the real world. Here I suddenly feel disconnected from the Viking “hive mind”. Without my personal “Quiet Vox” or the hypnotic on-board voice of Heather, our immaculate and all-knowing Cruise Director to reassure me, I am no longer protected, shielded and guided by Viking Central Control and I feel
  2. I have travelled in Concierge-class a number of times on different Celebrity ships and aside from upgraded bathroom toiletries, one thing I noticed was that the Cabin Service Breakfas Menu is more extensive than in the Standard Balcony Cabins. In fact, unless it has changed recently, it is the same as in a Sky Suite (which, on last travellin in June 2015 was the same in a Royal Suite too) whereas in Aqua-class for instance (which is more expensive than Concierge-class) the Breakfast Menu (the card version that is) is the same as in a Standrad Balcony Cabin. See below:-
  3. A selection of cabin-service breakfast menus from different classes.
  4. Although I have posted this in the "reviews and blogs" already, it's not that easy to find, so I am re-posting it here as well, in case any of you are interested. In July 2015, we were fortunate to experience Celebrity's new "suite-class" concept on a cruise to Iceland & the Fjords aboard Celebrity Eclipse, the most notable feature of which is the exclusive Luminae Restaurant, introduced in April 2015. I have uploaded an album of photos and various menus for those who are interested:- Album: Luminae Restaurant aboard Celebrity Eclipse33 images 0 comments The interior of the
  5. I have posted on this topic before and it continues to be a hot topic for disagreement! We recently had the rare opportunity of an upgrade in June, following the introduction of the new "suite-class" concept and Luminae Restaurant (a seperate review for which I have posted elsewhere with an album of photos). However, one of the main advantages of our upgrade was that it came with a Premium Drinks Package. As it was effectively "free", I must say that it was brilliant - it covers liqueur coffees, AquaSpa special items, Martinis in the Martini Bar and all soft and alcoholic drinks up to $15
  6. Actually, yes. In June 2015, we did a cruise on Eclipse to Iceland & the Fjords and had the almost unheard of chance of an upgrade to a Royal Suite! It was fabulous and we were in the new Luminae Restaurant most nights (and other times!) for meals. If you can afford it, "suite-class" (especially if you in a Celebrity Suite or above) is very exclusive, as you have access to Michael's Club, where a lot of special things happen! I have written a seperate detailed review on Luminae Restaurant elsewhere on this site the other day, along with a large album of pictures - sorry but I don't
  7. The new Luminae Restaurant was added in April 2015 as part of Celebrity's improved "suite-class" experience.
  8. In July 2015, we were fortunate to experience Celebrity's new "suite-class" concept on a cruise to Iceland & the Fjords aboard Celebrity Eclipse, the most notable feature of which is the exclusive Luminae Restaurant, introduced in April 2015. I have uploaded an album of photos and various menus for those who are interested:- The interior of the new restaurant is very tasteful. Seating about 92, there's plenty of room around tables, giving flexibility to create 2's, 4's or 6's. There are even a couple of booth tables, which are ideal for small groups. I'm no lover of "bankette" sea
  9. Goodness! I remember being on QE2's North Cape Cruise in 1984 when they had a Star Wars Day then too! However, back then (in the good old days!) there were only 3 films to watch - even that was exhausting, but we did get to meet Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and speak to him!
  10. Absolutely agree - very strange. It causes all sorts of (hopefully entirely misguided) speculation as to why they are being so coy. They never have been before. Or is it that the team responsible for publicity forgot that mature, sensible people don't necessarily spend their lives reading Facebook?
  11. Have just returned from this cruise, billed to visit New York and Bermuda (both with overnights in port) before finishing at Port Canaveral, then Miami. We were diverted because of bad weather on the Atlantic, calling first at Madeira instead, then New York (2 days late), missing out Bermuda altogether. It's my guess that the majority of passengers booked this cruise on the strength of it visiting Bermuda; most people from the UK have been to Madeira (probably a number of times) so an afternoon call there (because that is all we got) was no substitute for the loss of an overnight in Bermuda.
  12. What really annoys me is that so many people seem to think that because "entertainment is all included in your ticket price" that it entitles them to disregard the good manners and rules about arriving late at the theatre. On land, when the performance starts, the doors are closed and you are not allowed to take your seat unless/until there is a convenient break in the programme or show. The only exception to this is generally one-person shows given by comedians - and serve you right if you arrive late for one of their performances. Isn't it about time that cruise lines started putting not
  13. Drinks Packages simply don't make sense! Now I am no tea-totaller by any means but on a number of occassions, I have looked into this idea and it never seems to make any sense to me because when I add up what I spend on wine, drinks and alcoholic beverages of various kinds, the packages always seem more expensive than what I paid. If like me, you are a member of a group travelling together, one or two members in the group having packages really complicates the question "who buys the drinks tonight?" because you can only have drinks for yourself on your package and you have to pay for t
  14. I am really worried and concerned about this idea of the Suites having their own exclusive restaurant. Am I unique? Having travelled on many Celebrity ships over the last 25 years, I generally travel with a group of between 6 to 10 passengers and we all love to dine together every night. The trouble is that some of us go in suites, some in "ordinary" cabins, and this new idea will bring Celebrity closer to Cunard in style and "class-conscious" cruising. I know that Celebrity have had "Aqua-class" since they introduced the new Solstice ships, with their own restaurant "Blu", but because the
  15. Harwich is dead easy, as already suggested. But there's also the Boat-Train from Liverpool Street. The platform is right by the Terminal and it couldn't be simpler - just like first class in "the old days" at Southampton, (before the flood!)
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